HMI Systems Project Engineer

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HMI Systems Project Engineer

Employment Type: Salary (Exempt), Full-time, San Diego

The Role

As a Systems Project Engineer, you will support and integrate new designs of software and hardware related to the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for the vehicle. The HMI Is a complex, electro-mechanical instrument that will be the key sub-system that users will be interacting with and contribute to the customer’s experience. You will collaborate with subsystem engineers, project engineers across the organization, and various levels of management to ensure transparency around the development and delivery of the production ready HMI cluster.

The Responsibilities

  • Lead various projects by:
    • Interfacing with all stakeholders 
    • Accurately mapping out the project
    • Tracking budget 
    • Assessing and mitigating risks
    • Alignment of necessary documentation
    • Attend integration meetings and managing expectations
    • Supporting team members to achieve milestones and goals
  • Support interactions with suppliers/vendors throughout the design cycle
  • Expected to monitor and manage all aspects of the design from concept to design verification testing, production and usability testing.
  • Design documentation deliverables and engineering support
  • Work hard, exceed expectations, challenge industry conventions, and relentlessly strive to make truly exceptional products

Key Qualifications

  • B.S. or higher in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • 6+ years of experience in a controlled environment – consumer products, medical, automotive or aerospace
  • Comprehensive understanding of functional vehicle systems and corresponding design principles
  • Working knowledge of regulatory and certification requirements and prototype/production fabrication tools/methods

You are expected to

  • Stay driven, exceptional, and efficient
  • Achieve 30-60-90-day plan
    • 30-day target: Ability to perform all duties and responsibilities as a Systems Project Engineer independently; working knowledge and integration of Aptera’s purpose and culture
    • 60-day target: Implementation of knowledge gained in first 30 days to contribute to Aptera’s mission
    • 90-day target: Ability to utilize knowledge and experience gained in first 60 days to appropriately and effectively train others and/or lead a team

Additional Requirements

  • Understanding of Visual project management
  • Experience with Jira, JAMA, Confluence or other types of project tracking
  • Understanding of FMEAs
  • Understanding of Agile development work environments
  • Familiarity with Human Factors, UI/UX and product development cycle

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