IT Operations Manager

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San Diego (Carlsbad), CA | IT | Full-time

The Role

As an IT Operations Manager, you will own our IT service management implementation and be an integral part in helping us scale our company.

You will: 

  • Develop and implement IT policies and best practice guides for the organization
  • Lead the planning, designing, procuring, provisioning, installing, configuring, and maintenance of all IT-related infrastructure including network, server, and storage systems
  • Manage IT programs and projects end-to-end with minimal supervision
  • Lead the IT team; provide coaching and feedback with an intent to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of the team
  • Regularly review, maintain, and operate corporate IT security policies
  • Oversee administration of company hardware 
  • Manage administration of Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Endpoint management tools like NinjaRMM, Intune, Kandji, etc.
  • Create efficiencies by gaining a deeper understanding of current processes, data flows and system capabilities to streamline and/or automate offline processes
  • Document, manage, and maintain the company’s environment with a focus on security, as well as assist with design, upgrades, and new implementations of security requirements.

Your skills include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS, related field, or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years experience with computer configuration including systems analysis, planning and design, database, network and server administration and other information technology systems and applications
  • Ability to work under extreme uncertainty
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams on projects
  • Experience supporting end users on PCs and MacOS machines
  • Strong proficiency in computer hardware, cabling installation, end-user support, computer networking and IT security
  • Experience in evaluating vendors and running an RFP process
  • Strong change management and project management skills
  • Highly effective verbal and written communications skills to collaborate and develop partnerships with vendors, managers, and all team members
  • Strong client-oriented focus
  • Must be able to interpret, compile, and analyze data, make recommendations, and communicate trends to inform business and technical decisions across the company

You are expected to:

  • Stay driven, exceptional, and efficient
  • Achieve 30-60-90 day plan
    • 30-day target: Ability to perform all duties and responsibilities as an IT Operations Manager independently; working knowledge and integration of Aptera’s purpose and culture
    • 60-day target: Implementation of knowledge gained in first 30 days to contribute to Aptera’s mission
    • 90-day target: Ability to utilize knowledge and experience gained in first 60 days to appropriately and effectively train others and/or lead a team

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