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    November 4, 2021 at 6:58 pm


    “As our supply chain becomes more established, we’ll ramp to 250 per month, and eventually reach our target of producing 40 vehicles per day.”

    — Pablo Ucar, Vice President of Production and Procurement

    In very round numbers 250/month is about 10/day & 3,000/year
    In very round numbers 40/day is 10,000/year or 833/month

    Above are totally realistic, but the bigger question is when will they become reality.

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    Aptera Expands into New Assembly Location

  • Ron Ledohowski

    November 4, 2021 at 8:55 pm


    Wish Aptera would prioritize the build of the loaded, maxxed out, fully optioned vehicles first and follow that Tesla (& others) lead.

    Doing so will certainly create a built-in (or automatic) UPSELL mechanism by default in order to get them early PLUS acts as the best presentation & demonstration to all others of what the vehicle is and can be out in the wild.


    When you go from loaded first, then downwards in price and features towards base you will maximize your per vehicle efficiency, cash flows & return.

    Impress shareholders with greatest revenues per unit whilst growing the overall hype & interest.

    Stand alone in the market with the only 1,000mi (1,600 km range) vehicle. Stand out from the beginning on it all.

    Obviously, later, the base (& all other model configurations) would be available for delivery but I suggest you’ll have a bunch of more “upgraded” sales if released right & your per vehicle price average of each sale will go up. Maximize by upsell based on a logical release strategy.


    I hope the (my) two maxxed out and loaded order reservations won’t have to be the last of the bunch as that seems anti-intuitive to me. Reward people willing to go all in from the outset & are sold on it ALL. The passionate, early believers; they are your best sales people and those vehicles your best showpieces.

    It’s always easier to downgrade a brand from a higher level than raise a brand from a lower one. Example: Mercedes can make cheaper models to compete in lower priced competitive markets but it’s much harder for Fiat to compete with Mercedes in its upscale home. You’d buy a cheaper Mercedes before a pricey Fiat. All things AREN’T equal even if they may, perhaps, in fact be.

    “Perception is Reality” & “Image is Everything”.

    Yes, with the right image, including plenty of time, patience & money (& not necessarily in that order), even perceptions CAN change (over time) but that’s a very difficult hurdle you never choose on purpose.

    Same goes on hotel brands. Motel 6 would have trouble competing with Marriott (as one example, ONLY), but a higher level Marriott can much more easily introduce a competitive product downstream ie. Courtyard by Marriott, or whatever. It’s much more easily acceptable to move downstream than it ever is going up.

    Tesla comes out with their best and those with the money made others drool. They then introduce lesser priced models to the masses based on the already established presence, cache & image of the brand having already been created.

    Lucid followed Tesla’s approach as have others. This is for good reason. These are the ultimate demo vehicles for future sales, up sale & with all the possibilities and potential on display.

    Lead with innovation and your best hand. You promote Aptera as going 1,000mi. (1600km) fully charged but don’t plan to have that be immediately available? That’s a mistake.

    In all due respect, reconsider your approach IMHO.

    Start with your fully loaded models with all the options first “even IF” it delays the initial production numbers a bit. I’ll suggest that installing the bigger battery pack OR the rear hatch with solar vs. glass is minimally different regarding time and labor in the final assembly on the line given Aptera’s overall “Simplicity by Design”. Essentially remember, items install as prefab modules AND there is a shared assembly logic regardless of which.

    My examples are for your general thought and consideration. I’m both excited & passionate regarding my Apterae. Can’t wait!

  • Peter Jorgensen

    November 5, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Back on topic – According to Aptera there are 3 facilities – This main final assembly location, and two others for Betas/R&D, Solar, and Composite manufacturing. Two in Carlsbad and one in North San Diego.

    This makes a lot of sense to me – Prebuild parts nearby then assemble them there. This is so exciting!!!

    • Ray Holan

      November 5, 2021 at 2:11 pm

      Your point is well taken, Peter. Yes, I’ve hear of these separate facilities for the components you describe. That is not the same thing as having 3 self-contained manufacturing locations — each capable of independently producing X number of Apterae per month.

  • Ron Ledohowski

    November 5, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    My end of the week, final take on the thread/subject.

    I hear the clearest marketing messages (or HEADLINES) of “differentiation” and those are the ones we all do tend to repeat; ie. for good, “effective” reason.

    This discussion or thread also relays personal interests of many whereas I am solely (or at least mostly ????) discussing from a business & marketing background & perspective based on, and supported by, the pattern and logic I’ve described.

    The “Simple by Design” philosophy is NOT lost on any existing model configuration (colours & interiors incl.) with the main options essentially being:

    – Larger battery module bolted in vs. a smaller one.

    – Add a rear motor.

    – Swap to solar hatch vs. the glass hatch.

    – Swap for better speakers.

    The other options are not in the actual assembly process like the tent etc. and as such are not model specific. These options or personalizations can be profitable too and they help to add cache, value, uniqueness and reason to buy. You want people to buy in to the lifestyle and possibilities. You want there to be an additional ecosystem of sorts “IF” you can.

    The main hype, HEADLINES or differentiators pushed most are, and have been:

    – Unique three-wheel design (LOVE, neutral &/or not); light weight & with superior aerodynamics.

    . Mileage & efficiency 1,000mi (or 1,600km) range. Up to 40mi (or 65km) daily charge… ie “NO CHARGE” moniker application.

    – Camping (& Doggie) options (non model config specific).

    – Sports car performance of 3.5 seconds to 60mph.

    So for the most part I think we can all agree on the above as being entrenched messages and that these characteristics provide differentiation in the marketplace; as was previously discussed in this thread and elsewhere.

    In all promotional VIDEOS etc., price levels haven’t been the “lead” focus item, nor should they be IMHO; *value &/or passion is in the eye (and pocket) of the beholder, too.

    Too much is too much for some and too little too little. I get that & it’s the reason for most comments & preferences stated here. All “personal” objectives and motivations are understood.

    But I really haven’t seen the price levels being the hype necessarily being promoted (prices can & do change); a strategy which I agree with. What’s being focussed on most is what makes Aptera the best; it’s differentiation. While prices matters, don’t over focus down market at expense of the brand cache or what the model best represents at its best. *I’d suggest value exists at EACH level. Putting ones best foot forward is to also put one’s best hand in, too.

    Stand out on its best foot & that’s its top line (marketed and hyped) features. Put the hand up high in the air and jump up and down to the world and marketplace to catch attention with a BUY ME!

    No one else can say 1,000mi (1600km) range or that you can get ~40mi (65km) solar that ties to the adopted “NO Charge” moniker. Both of these things are it’s leading HEADLINE statements. It’s what we all remember most. Even if there are some not sold on the look or the three wheels, or whatever… the stats become compelling.

    Don’t be a “me too” launch.

    ENJOY your weekend everyone. Happy (Aptera) Dreams as well.

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