Big announcement Blaze Tech Studios!!!

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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Big announcement Blaze Tech Studios!!!

  • Big announcement Blaze Tech Studios!!!

  • Elzo Stubbe

    April 11, 2022 at 9:01 am

    See this great news:

  • Russell Fauver

    April 11, 2022 at 9:16 am


  • Curtis Cibinel

    April 11, 2022 at 10:10 am

    Great to see it. He did some very good work on his prototypes. I really hope he is allowed to remain open to the community feedback in the development process of the actual app.

    PS: Did he mention what he used for the prototype. I’m curious what gets selected for the actual app. I am a software developer but have never done anything of scale on mobile; just some small stuff using cordova / phonegap.

    • John Malcom

      April 11, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      I think he would need to use Aptera’s IDE so source code editing, auto build, and debugging would be seamless. Bit of a learning curve if that is the case and if using his own tool, extra integration work at some level hopefully, neither affecting schedule or cost.

      Maybe just using UI concept building skills.

      I haven’t done any mobile application work either. Have managed some mobile work for user interfaces for customer service for Citi Bank and GM. used either Micrsoft’s Visual Studio or Android Studio depending on the hosting software architecture.

      This would be a good question to consult with Joshua Rosen about.

  • Tim Dean

    April 11, 2022 at 12:18 pm

    Sure would be nice to have both sentry mode and individual camera access available on the app.

  • my_discord_number_is_0328 bloody stupid

    April 11, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    if their going to deal with phone OS updates they might as well replace infotainemnt screen or side mirror displays with phone?

    instead of built in interioir screen:

    its better value to have the graphic switch on the screen really big with a time delay so its not super quick to use where you can easily accdiently touch the wrong thing on teh screen quickly especially in a bumpy ride

    the switches are separated by pages that you can easily scroll through by swiping like how apple notifications page lets you swipe quickly around half way across screen, then it automatically scrolls to show the screen page so u dont have to be precise when ur scrolling through it like you’d need to with a laptop mousepad or as scrolling through a webpage article in touchscreen phone

    also user has option to plugin a microphone so the voice commands can work well despite wind noise etc even if his phone mic cant hear his voice properly

    software has voice recognition so loud music doesnt become read by the phone app unlike the users voice

    so no cost of infotainment hardware or switches are standard, microphone and plugin hard switch array are are options for those whod not buy teh car otherwise, such people will be rare anyway. a rectangular prism shaped bar replacing the dashboard mass is what the phone and acceories are attached to, acoery holding device is brought with accessory to hold the accessory to the bar. the bar can be structural support to teh car.

    tinted heads up display is better than normal spedometer b/c its closer to line of sight when looking out into the driving environment at windshield, but its also fairly easy to ignore when eyes are not focused on the display image. such can also be just a option if one is willing to have speedometer always showing on his phone, similar looking to tesla model 3

    the spedometer should be not simply a number and instead like normal dial with big marks on every 10mph bc that would allow quicker comprehension of speed number, after the location of dial and 10 mph markers that are near speed limit is memorized as happens easily after few interations or watch the dial(little amounts of effort add up over the driving experience, it makes teh difference between “this car feels better than the other so ill buy this instead b/c both cars are the equal to me otherwise”) . the speed limit mark can be marked with bigger mark by user (like a mark around 70mph for average American highways, a limit to abide by if there are police or cameras around. another mark at a 40mph or so could be used for most people, who drive on same roads every day for work etc). the dial also adds to sense of speed with less comprehension required vs reading numbers. the dial should be circular so the reading of teh speed limit happens always at a more central point, no need to comprehend the location of dial as much if the dial was moving in a more of a straight line similar to honda s2000 RPM counter.

    besides speed dial, a g force meter would help maintain momentum around turns with minimal braking for minimal regen(battery) and friction pad brake wear and max efficiency. the meter helps if teh car is too tightly sprung, so detecting teh grip limit without losing grip often is difficult for non sport car drivers. asea level slope display can show how steep a slope they are driving down or up of with just a line rotating and teh word “high” to the top right corver of this line. the front end of car is shown a a arrow to the line, shich rotates to show climbing up hill or driving down one. this lets people take advantage of slopes ot build momentum regardless of the illusion of being down a slope or whatever they might see in some landscapes

    the gamification encouraging efficient driving was vague, how would it look like? i guess itd show sea level changes of road so driver knows to build momentum on downhills(sometimes people cant tell when their on a slope b/c there isnt landscape reference to show visually that they are on a slope realtive to other slopes or flat surfaces) , maybe steering wheel position will be encouraged by HUD showing how to turn the car as a pathway arrows representing sides of the car. maybe g force meter to know the grip limit for car which is hard to sense for most people in tight suspension car, so u can carry speed without learning grip limits by small grip loss which will make most people fear limits. each of these can be turned off, ex. somone who knows how to maintain momentum around turns will only use sea level and maybe g force gauge.

    every time car starts up itd remind driver to maintain momentum with minimum acceleration quickness and braking and steering and braking for brakepad and tire life and effiency.

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