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  • Fix forum software please

     Scott Price updated 2 months, 1 week ago 10 Members · 13 Posts
  • Konijnerd the Great

    March 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm

    Its buggy all over.

    1. My username was replaced with my full name. Editting it, the software shows my username on forum for two minutes or so then shows my full name again.

    2. I cant see new posts in a thread i made today. It shows it has 10 replies, but i see 4 replies.

    3. When you reply to a post with several pages, it replies but you get a error message.

    Some more bugs i forgot about.

  • Curtis Cibinel

    March 8, 2022 at 12:20 am

    I’ve definitely got issues when new posts are around the page transition. Haven’t pinned out down. Definitely quirky but works 95%+ of the time.

  • Oz (It’s Oz, just Oz)

    March 8, 2022 at 5:24 am

    Report post and report discussion functions no longer appear to function for me.

    Certain discussions will be missing the majority of posts, and then they will reappear.

    A few discussions seem to have a problem with the indentation when posts are added (IE there will be no indentation for replies to individual comments.), making it difficult to follow the discussion.

  • Chris

    March 8, 2022 at 9:27 am

    Thank you all for voicing your feedback – it’s very helpful! I’m going to be looking into how we fix these problems in the coming weeks. If there is any other weirdness please keep posting in this thread so we can try to address it.

  • Michael May

    March 8, 2022 at 11:17 am

    We also lost access to the ability to direct message other individuals in the forum.

  • Steven G. Bueche

    March 9, 2022 at 4:08 am

    A suggestion more than an issue; When dealing with multiple page threads I’d like to see the Page Advance at the top instead of having to scroll to the down of each page to advance. I know I’m nit picking but like I said it’s just a suggestion. No biggie really.

  • Konijnerd the Great

    March 16, 2022 at 9:32 am

    spammers invaded the board as well.
    Would recommend to hire some moderators.

    • Patrick Liebknecht

      March 16, 2022 at 11:17 am

      Hire ?

      I suggest they use the money to get tires on the ground

      A simple visual 3D with noise captcha when you make an account would fix the issue

      • Philip Raymond

        March 16, 2022 at 11:29 am

        Chris, this is also connected to the other forum post called “trouble viewing order”. Me as well as others still get an error page when using the big green view or edit order button when I log in. I can see my order when I navigate to it from recent orders, but not when I use the big green button. This has been happening for over a week now.

      • Konijnerd the Great

        March 17, 2022 at 3:21 am

        Volunteer positions, unpaid. Perhaps thrown a party to when aptera launches mass production.

  • Scott Price

    April 21, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    This has happened to me several times and just happened again: I made a minor edit to my already published discussion reply, clicked the button to re-post it, and then my entire reply vanished from the forum.

    • Jon_J

      April 21, 2022 at 9:21 pm

      Keep an eye out. It may have moved to somewhere else within the thread. This has happened to me before.

      • Scott Price

        April 21, 2022 at 9:33 pm

        Thanks for the pointer, Jon. I just checked again and unfortunately my discussion reply is still gone from anywhere throughout the thread. I will still keep your suggestion in mind to check elsewhere in the future, though.

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