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  • John Malcom

    January 23, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    A team I am very familiar with working in a legacy auto manufacturer trying to convert to electric just finished an exercise to roll back the production manufacturing date of a new SUV EV they intend to sell in 2022 by nine months. This is in spite of chip and other supply chain issues, retooling manufacturing facilities, and the big one, resistance to process change. They will be using similar processes to Aptera (Munro Lean Manufacturing)

    I relate this story to strengthen faith in Aptera and their current development/production activities. They know what they are doing, they are professionals, and they will succeed. If we think we know better, or have more creative engineering ideas, or have anxiety about some design issue without knowing all of the facts, or want something changed at the last minute, we should just stop.

    <font face=”inherit”>Now is the time to be </font>circling<font face=”inherit”> the wagons and expressing support for Aptera both internally on the forum and on social media we frequent to provide a very positive report/</font>image<font face=”inherit”> on the Aptera and to position it in a positive manner in the soon to be crowded EV market in 2022. This is in our best interests as well as Aptera’s as we want them to be successful so we can get our vehicles!</font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>Oh…..what run on sentences. Good thin my English teacher is not on t he forum</font>

  • James Pace

    January 24, 2022 at 5:50 am

    John, I really appreciate your posts, but I’m not sure just who this one is intended to reach. I suppose one could get upset at posts that imply that Aptera will not reach its production goals, or that the vehicle’s performance will not match expectations. But I don’t get upset.

    All those posts are like fans screaming at the umps at the ballgame. No effect on the outcome. Entertainment, sort of, in their own right. And once in awhile, worth reading for bringing up issues not addressed. My expectation is the forum moderators DO read all posts, and are empowered to pass on worthwhile comments to the engineers and designers who can benefit from them.

    You have an insider’s knowledge of vehicle manufacturing processes. But your story of another manufacturer not reaching production targets is unclear to me. Are they pushing the release date forward or back in time?

    • John Malcom

      January 24, 2022 at 8:59 am

      Sorry I was not clear.

      The post was to encourage Aptera fans who participate in social media to be actively making counter posting to posts that are critical of Aptera where ever they occur but mostly external social media where a lot of attacks on Aptera go unchallenged. A few of the ambassadors are very active and conscientious about doing this, but now is the time to up the game and get more participation. I work as a consultant for the unnamed auto manufacturer. The group has managed to shorten the time to production of first customer vehicle by nine months.

      Not in that post was the result of a competitive analysis we did for the manufacturers current and future products. Aptera was included. Competitive analysis is notorious for inaccuracies, but this one showed a window of opportunity for Aptera that will start to close latter part of 2022 and through 2023. It is important to take the greatest advantage of that window assuming it will with Aptera’s production schedule. To get the most benefit, all inaccurate information available through the many versions of social media needs to be corrected with knowledgeable and authoritative replies so Aptera has the best possible public reputation when it hits the market.

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