New Thread – On the Way to BYD

Aptera Community Solar EV Industry News New Thread – On the Way to BYD

Aptera Community Solar EV Industry News New Thread – On the Way to BYD

  • New Thread – On the Way to BYD

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  • John Malcom

    November 23, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Lou, this is in response to your request for a separate thread on BYD

    BYD (Build Your Dreams) was founded in 1995. 2020 revenues were $14B for automobiles and related products, $10B in mobile hand set components, and $2B in batteries for a total of $26B in U.S. dollars. BYD has two divisions, a vehicle division and an electronics division. BYD produces widely diversified products but integrated in their component production and supply chain. Their electronics division is heavily integrated with their EV R&D and battery production. They have been recognized for innovation by both Business week (8th best innovative company in the world) and FastCompany recognized them as the 16th most innovative company in the world. PV Magazine awarded them the top category for innovation on their newly launched battery storage system that made improvements in modularity, charging, and discharging capacity, and efficiency. The company provided all of this information, but I am sure it available through open source as BYD is available open source since BYD is publicly traded.

    One very impressive fact is they have a staff of over 16,000 R&D people and big R&D budgets. Probably why they are for innovation.! BYD makes all types of electric vehicles from autos to busses (A manufacturing facility in Southern California makes and sells electric busses in the U.S.) fork lifts, trucks, etc. In 2020 BYD and Toyota formed a joint venture BYD Toyota EV Technology Company. BYD also has a joint venture with German Daimler AG, Denza which produces EVs not branded as BYD.

    I see that the Sandy Munro video on China is posted on the forum. I would say, from my previous work experience in China and the most recent visit, that Mr. Munro has understated the challenge of the Chinese. They are focused, proud of their progress, motivated to be the best in the world. All, not jus a few are committed to this goal. Back in the day, a Russian leader pounded his desk and said “We will bury you” as a message to the U.S. Did not Happen, but the Chinese have a better than even chance to do so unless we get off our lazy behinds and pull together.

    There were many foreign EV manufacturers there from Europe and China and other places that did not want to be identified. Absent was any American interest. Big mistake.

    These are things that were most impressive without violating and proprietary agreements.

    – Battery technology – research resulting in relatively significant near term advances, especially for cost and efficiency

    – Production approach – need to go to integrated supply chain. BYD has mining subsidiaries for producing their own rare metals for battery production

    – Advantages of joint R&D. Shared budgets, staff size, market focused

    – Market strategy – now selling EV cars into the Australian and European markets in competition with European legacy and start up EV companies.

    – Major auto makers now teaming in joint adventures with BYD (Toyota and Daimler) more but not identified due to NDAs.

    – American market not considered attractive due to lagging incentives for EV purchases and prohibitively high tariffs on Chinese products and technology and little interest from U.S. auto manufactures for teaming

    All together very impressive for an elderly man who though he had seen everything.

  • Curtis Cibinel

    November 23, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    Interesting stuff. If byd (and likely other Chinese auto makers) are in no rush to enter the na market directly that gives more space for APTERA, other startups, tesla and legacy to build market share. This contradicts Sandy Monroe’s take that they are coming soon. It makes sense to me that being supply constrained I’m their own market they wouldn’t be in a rush. It seems likely to me that Chinese companies will instead just make batteries/motors and let others put their logo on the car.

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