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    Posted by george-hughes on October 6, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    I’ve mused a few times about how easy it would be, given a compatible but radically different composite monocoque could lead to a new vehicle. I think, for instance, a monocoque with an aerodynamically sculptured pickup would be possible by just adding a second rear suspension component (powered or not) that attaches to the battery box and monocoque but with a pickup bed.

    I’ve even suggested an aftermarket camper-like hard shell for the rear of the Aptera to provide most of the utility of a pickup – maybe with a removable sun roof over the rear hatch section. Think of it like the vinyl camper top except you remove the hatch and permanently install the camper at the expanded size.

    This is based on the notion that when ICE vehicle prices begin to plummet when everyone gets the idea that they are functionally obsolete because using them regularly costs too much in fuel, they’ll opt for the ‘mileage’ vehicle for getting around and keep their favorite cushy, SUV for those increasingly rare times more than two people go anywhere.

    Anyway, Geely, which is mfg. for Polestar, owns the Lotus brand and several others is going to introduce a $25,000 EV pickup. Interesting video.

    george-hughes replied 1 year, 1 month ago 3 Members · 9 Replies
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  • Greek

    October 6, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    Thank you George Hughes ..good find…I’ve always wanted to own a pickup truck. Waiting for the right time to do so. Range though seemed overly impressive for what looks like a pretty heavy vehicle. APTERA needs to get to market sooner than later as competitors will soon be entering the market with new electric vehicles.

    • 993cc

      October 7, 2022 at 8:45 am

      The Chinese range testing standard is excessively optimistic. Subtract at least 20%.

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