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Aptera Community Aptera Discussions Questions and Suggestions on Aptera!

  • Questions and Suggestions on Aptera!

  • James Mitchell

    January 9, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    I started thinking VERY hard about Aptera and reliability for most people.

    Now, I’m going to be getting one 100% (because it’s the best EV ever designed) but definitely wanted to talk about some questions I have about the efficiency powerhouse.

    -Will there be battery conditioning (battery heating) during colder weather conditions?

    -Will there be automatic cabin climate control for both cold and hot conditions?

    -Will there be any “luxury” features with the Aptera like auto start, heated windshield, or heated steering wheel?

    I also wanted to bring up some suggestions I had following the reveal of Delta.

    Physical buttons. If safety is important(which it most certainly is), Aptera EVs should most certainly have at least a physical volume dial, and preferably turn signal switch, wiper switch(the “sticks” behind the steering wheel), and regen braking controls. Most things being controlled by the touchscreen is fine as long as quick actions like climate, volume, heated seats/steering wheel are easily and efficiently accessible.

    I love the progress you’ve all made in 2022 and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Thank you!

    James Mitchell

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  • kerbe2705

    January 9, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    @James Mitchell Every modern EV that has liquid cooling has the ability to actively control the temperature of the battery pack: There’s no reason to think that Aptera will not.

    What do you mean by “automatic”? Do you mean “set a temperature and the vehicle will maintain it”? If so, that’s common to nearly all modern vehicles, not just EVs: There’s no reason to think that Aptera’s HVAC system won’t offer it.

    “Auto start” isn’t an EV thing – there’s no reason to start the vehicle when you’re not in it. What EVs offer is remote cabin conditioning so you never have to get into a cold or hot vehicle. Aptera will NOT have an internally-heated windshield but it will have forced-air defrost and defogging. We’ve been told that Aptera will have heated seats but that they’ve not yet decided about a heated steering wheel.

    If you watch the Delta reveal you can see the stalk on the left side of the steering wheel quite clearly. We know that it will control the turn signals but we don’t yet know what other controls it will host. At this time the left button on the steering wheel controls volume while the right button controls the horn.

    It is most likely that – like Tesla – Aptera will offer one or two levels of regen. There are no plans to offer real-time driver-controlled regen: Most modern EVs are perfectly capable of determining the amount of regen they can absorb. We believe that – like Tesla – Aptera is going to feature full-time “one pedal driving”.

    From what we can tell about the onscreen UI, there will be a number of static icons across the bottom of the screen that will activate common features such as opening and closing windows, opening the rear hatch, seat heaters, etc. We’ve also been told that Aptera will accept voice commands for most of its functions.

  • J.P. Morere

    January 9, 2023 at 11:00 pm

    Just my guess from watching Aptera for a while:

    High probability of good thermal management of the battery when operational and parked. I would plug in to Level 1 charging in really cold weather.

    Probably good cabin climate control, maybe a bit more basic to begin with and improved features with firmware updates.

    Auto start? Not sure exactly what you mean by that. Probably very Tesla-like in power up and shutdown, I don’t see a 0/1 button anywhere. I think that they have plabs for remote A/C startup in the phone app. Heated windshield would be wonderful but I fear this may not be in the first generation – hopefully in the second (and upgradable in the first). Heated steering yoke and heated seats – I’ve heard those mentioned but not sure if they’ll be in the initial production.

    Sadly they seem to be following Tesla’s lead and putting as few physical switches as possible in the vehicle. Fortunately there is a multi-functional turn signal stalk with lights and possibly windshield wiper controls. I too am a fan of physical switches, knobs and buttons for common functions like climate control, lights and windows. Those things seem to be destined to be soft buttons on the infotainment screen – its cheaper and more flexible that way. At least there is a rocker switch (volume?) On the yoke. I wish that they had two scroll-wheels a-la Teasla on the yoke – as they appear to have planned initially. I think that they could have done better than that horn button that they now have on the right side.

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