Doug Lui: Get to know the members of our movement

A few months back, we introduced Doug Lui, CPA, as our newest Strategic Advisor, bringing over 25 years of global finance experience. We’re thrilled to also announce that Doug is now a part of the Aptera Board. With this exciting news, we sat down with Doug to chat about his passion for Aptera and to learn a bit more about his interests.

Aptera: What sparked your interest in electric vehicles?

Doug: Sustainability. I have been driving an electric vehicle for years but have always dreamt of one powered by solar.  A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year.  It’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to change that – every day.  And now with gas prices, it is a no-brainer!

Aptera: What is your favorite part about being a board member at Aptera?

Doug: Being part of the movement. I have always seen Aptera not as a company, but a social movement. We need the entire society to participate and drive this to truly make a lasting and meaningful impact.  Working alongside visionaries like Chris, Steve and Brian is the most exciting and rewarding journey.

Aptera: Where would you take Aptera on a road trip?

Doug: Everywhere! I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, where we have plans to switch to zero-emission vehicles by 2035. I’d love to see fellow “Apterans” everywhere.

Aptera: What do efficiency and freedom mean to you?

Doug: To me it means the same thing for a vehicle.  I seek efficiency in a vehicle’s design and engineering: the incredibly aerodynamic design to Aptera’s battery efficiency gives me the freedom to drive everywhere I want, without worrying about finding a charging station or breaking down in the middle of the road.

Aptera: How do you see Aptera changing the World?

Doug: Solar power and true freedom.  With Aptera, I can get up to 40 miles a day just by leaving it outside.  Our longest range is up to 1,000 miles.  That means we may never need to charge, ever.  No more gas, or even electricity! That means true freedom, true zero-emission.  The more of us joining this movement, the bigger the impact we make in the world.  I love our unique look and design – it stands out like nothing else in the market.  We are proud to be Apterans and want everyone to see it.

Aptera: What do you do when you aren’t working?

Doug: As a VC, we learn about new, exciting projects from passionate founders, daily.  Our Venture only works on projects with social and environmental impact.  I spend hours understanding how their ideas work, why they work, and how they truly change our society for the better.  Other than that, I’m a BBC fan and a secret lover of reality TV 🙂

Aptera: Which Aptera model would you choose? (Sol, Luna, Noir)

Doug: All of them! Sol for the day, Luna for night, and Noir for special dates

Aptera: Who are some of your heroes?

Doug: The Aptera team (since I don’t know the Avengers)

Aptera: What is one skill you possess that might surprise people?

Doug: I can sing – on stage.

Aptera: What would you tell people who are interested in working for Aptera?

Doug: Years down the road, you’ll be proud of how you have been part of something huge, amazing and world-changing.

Aptera: Pizza or Tacos?

Doug: Actually, sushi 🙂