Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to reserve Aptera and what makes our company and technology so different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aptera is in the Beta phase of our vehicle development process, which means we are still running simulations, conducting tests and updating designs in preparation for production. Information on this FAQ is subject to change as we evolve to our final production vehicle.

Do I need a helmet to operate Aptera since it is classified as an autocycle?

Aptera is technically an enclosed autocycle, so you will not need a helmet in forty-seven states. We are working with our lobbying team to help nudge for change in legislation in the last states with this requirement for drivers under 18, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

How large is Aptera’s trunk? Does a bike fit in the rear cargo space?

Aptera’s rear cargo space is about 32.5 cubic feet, the size of a small hot tub or a large refrigerator, and big enough for 2 adults to sleep in. Here’s an idea of what you can fit inside

When will Aptera test drives become available?

We are excited for vehicle test drives to commence – the team is anticipating this, but we are not there yet. Production is slated for 2024. Once we have production vehicles, we will begin test drives near our facility, at events, or on the track. Currently, we only have our prototype vehicles and cannot provide test rides due to insurance and legal reasons. In the meantime, your support fuels us, and we will keep you posted on the timeline through our email newsletter and social channels. Our team is excited to launch a vehicle that promotes a world that runs on sunshine and freedom from the gas or charging station.

What is the expected vehicle warranty?

Aptera’s warranty coverage will be on par with that of other modern electric vehicles, providing you with peace of mind. As we approach production, we will provide you with precise details regarding our warranty terms and the costs and procedures associated with repair and replacement. To ensure you receive timely updates on all our announcements, we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter, which is located at the footer of our website. We look forward to keeping you informed about the latest developments.

What is Aptera?

At Aptera, we are focused on creating the most efficient transportation on the planet. We achieve this by leveraging breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing. Through our unique design and revolutionary technology, our vehicle is able to achieve extreme efficiency.

Aptera’s Launch Edition vehicle is the first product in a portfolio of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs) being produced by Aptera Motors that are powered by the sun and won’t need charging for most daily use. Aptera is an efficiency focused brand with the goal of making every journey powered by the sun.

Our vehicle will be made of a specialized composite structure called a Body in Carbon (BINC). The majority of the BINC is made of Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound (CF-SMC) combined with Glass Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). Fiber-SMC is a lightweight material consisting of a random arrangement of short fibers that make it possible to mold intricately shaped parts. It offers much higher stiffness and strength than standard SMC and can be press-molded, substantially reducing manufacturing time for the vehicle’s body. We are looking towards more organic fibers like Hemp and Bamboo for our non-structural parts.