The first solar powered
fleet vehicle on
the market.

Power your company with the sun and save more than $5,000 per vehicle per year.
Find out how much Aptera will save you.

How big is your fleet?
What is your average local solar exposure?
Little to No Exposure
Low Exposure
Medium Exposure
High Exposure
Very High Exposure
How many miles does your average
vehicle drive each day?
Is your fleet electric or gas?
On average, what is the MPG
of your fleet vehicles?
What is the price per gallon of gas in your area?
On average, how many watt-hours per
mile does your fleet use?

When you replace 200 vehicles in your fleet…

Your Aptera fleet will save you
$0 per year!

Free Miles Per Day 0

Free Miles Per Year 0

Number of Charges Per Year 0

Savings Per Year 0

5-Year Savings 0

Plus, you will never have to plug it in.