The first solar powered fleet vehicle on the market.

Power your company with the sun and save more than $5,000 per vehicle per year.
Find out how much Aptera will save you.

Solar mobility benefits.

In a world that’s constantly changing, businesses must evolve alongside the environment around us to survive. Aptera is providing unique solar electric fleet solutions for businesses to thrive today, and in the future.

Business Benefits

- Low cost of ownership
- Zero fuel costs
- Consistent source of free energy from the sun
- Less time and money spent at electric charging stations
- Over-the-air software updates and remote diagnostics
- Reduction of your business’s environmental impact
- Eye-catching extension of brand

Driver Benefits

- Go further, faster — with up to 1,000 miles per charge
- HOV lane accessibility where applicable and priority parking
- Mobile service and maintenance
- Composite body seven times stronger than steel
- Enjoy the drive with a quick, quiet, fun, and optimized ride
- Reduced range anxiety

Community Benefits

- Reduced environmental impact on our planet
- Increased vehicle efficiency
- Safer and less congested streets and roads
- Reduced dependence on a strained power grid

A fleet like no other.