Aptera’s Investment Window is Pausing This Week 

A lot is happening at Aptera right now and we’re moving swiftly to bring solar mobility to the masses. Through the Accelerator Program, we have surpassed our crowdfunding expectations and over 1,100 trailblazers have joined the effort to accelerate Aptera’s path to production.

To continue our Crowdfunding, the SEC requires us to temporarily pause and file updated documentation. We wanted you to know first that the window for investing in Aptera as a non-accredited investor will be closing soon. We will only continue to accept investments from non-accredited investors here until midnight PDT on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

During this temporary pause, we will still take investments from accredited investors through a Reg D offering at invest.aptera.us. So, if you want to join the future and are an accredited investor, you still can invest during this time.

We’re humbled by the support of so many people who share our commitment to creating a better future for people and our planet.

Steve Fambro & Chris Anthony
Aptera Motors