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Help us change the status quo to one that is built on clean, green, renewable energy.

Freedom to Buy

No matter where you live you can buy and drive an Aptera. However, in some states the ICE dealers have gotten laws written to prevent a manufacturer like Aptera from selling a vehicle directly to our customers through our own dealerships.

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In a few states, if you’re under a certain age you must wear a helmet to operate or ride in an Aptera. This is because in many states Aptera is classified as a motorcycle, but that state’s motorcycle law does not have an exemption for a full enclosed, 3-wheel electric vehicle.

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At Aptera we are not just creating a new way to move through the world, we’re also moving the way policymakers look at electric vehicles. To do that will require us to change the status quo – a system rigged in favor of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles – to one that is built on clean, green, renewable energy.

Unfortunately, we cannot do this on our own just yet. We are up against an entrenched, well-funded monopoly. We need your voice to overcome this disadvantage.

When it comes to buying, driving, and enjoying an electric vehicle, America is a patchwork of state laws.