Aptera Motors Receives First Fleet Order from SustainabilitySooner.com

–101 vehicles represent fleet solution with less environmental impact– 

San Diego, CA, March 21, 2023—Solar mobility company Aptera Motors has received its first fleet order from eco-accelerator SustainabilitySooner, Inc.™ In a move that unifies each organization’s vision toward a greener future, SustainabilitySooner has placed a pre-order for 101 400-mile range, all-wheel drive solar electric vehicles to mobilize its team. This reservation, valued at $3.35 million in future revenue, represents the first of many anticipated partnerships between Aptera Motors and companies that desire a fleet solution with less environmental impact.

This deal has enormous potential as the start-up plans to grow its fleet from 101 Apterae to 101,000 or more vehicles as it continues to expand its operations across the country.

“SustainabilitySooner.com placed Aptera’s first fleet order because Aptera is building the most climate positive vehicle on the planet,” noted David Fuller, Chief Executive Officer. “The next mobility revolution must be a climate positive revolution.” 

Aptera Motors and SustainabilitySooner.com have a shared mission to save the planet by embracing nature and reducing our carbon footprint. Solar electric vehicle drivers can reduce their electric pollution footprint with less reliance on the grid. When drivers with commutes of less than 40 miles a day leverage the full benefit of the electricity generated by onboard solar, Aptera becomes carbon-neutral and generates 0g of CO2e/mi and 0g of NOx and VOC criteria pollutants. 

Combined with SustainabilitySooner Inc.’s environmental services and strategies, this fleet partnership promotes eco-friendly principles to the masses while powering a healthy planet.  “Our missions fit together like they were made to,” continued Fuller. 

SustainabilitySooner.com will utilize solar mobility in its educational, promotional, and agricultural efforts to cure the world’s climate through Climaculture™: The science and practice of cultivating plants and organisms in harmony with land management to produce clean, sustainable air, water, and energy; plus, harness it to preserve and curate properties which its subscribers can virtually enjoy while shrinking their carbon footprints.

Aptera’s solar-powered fleet will accelerate SustainabilitySooner’s ability to scout and locate raw land sites, where it will utilize artificially intelligent robotic solutions to map, plant, nurture, study, and film native plants and wildlife while providing its subscribers 24/7 virtual access to observe and participate online.

According to Fuller, SustainabilitySooner’s goal is to plant the seeds of positive change and leave behind dedicated, action-oriented change agents at every stop, opportunity, or encounter. 

“We’re grateful to establish our very first fleet deal with SustainabilitySooner.com, a change-maker that embraces the solar mobility movement and empowers the community to make the world a better place,” said Chris Anthony, co-CEO of Aptera Motors. “It’s great to see a forward-thinking company deploying this technology in such an innovative way.” 

New and existing Aptera reservation holders will receive a discounted membership to SustainabilitySooner.com’s online platform. SustainabilitySooner subscribers will also benefit from a 30% discount on the reservation fee for an Aptera pre-order. 

“In our search for our Climate Positive Mobility Partner, it was easy, in fact effortless, to see Aptera and SustainabilitySooner.com could have a long, mutually productive, even symbiotic relationship,” added Fuller. 

By incorporating the power of the sun and ultra-efficient design, Aptera provides the first solar electric fleet solution to meet the needs of businesses and public entities of all sizes. Not only are Aptera solar electric vehicles a bold extension of brand identity, but they can also save businesses thousands of dollars each year per vehicle versus a typical Internal Combustion Engine car. Enabling your business to do more, with less. 

About Aptera: 

Aptera Motors® delivers the world’s most technologically advanced solar electric vehicles (sEVs), made possible by breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing. Aptera is the first in a series of eco-friendly vehicles that will be offered for consumer and commercial use. It has the longest range of any production vehicle with up to 1,000 miles per charge and the ability to travel up to 40 miles a day on free power from its integrated solar panels. With only six key body parts, Aptera’s unique shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles today. Learn more about Aptera’s fleet opportunities and how much your company can save with a solar-powered fleet here

About SustainabilitySooner.com:  

ClimatePositive.Farm, Inc. doing business as SustainabilitySooner.com develops and manages properties to produce more clean air, water, and energy to lower its subscribers’ climate footprints while lowering their energy, living, and mobility costs, as well. SustainabilitySooner.com is also introducing cutting-edge immersive technologies which allow its subscribers to virtually explore and enjoy these properties. Most importantly, SustainabilitySooner.com offers its subscribers a platform on which they can monetize their subscriptions, advance their careers, launch a business and globalize their climate positive impact. Learn more about SustainabilitySooner.com Inc. & join their Crowdsource Climate Force, here

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