Aptera Snags an Additional $1 Million in Capital to Manufacture Efficient Never Charge Solar Vehicle

Vista, CA, November 9, 2020–Aptera Motors, creator of the world’s most technically advanced solar vehicle, has secured an additional $1 million in capital to supplement its WeFunder raise of $389,496+. This investment came in at the same valuation terms as Aptera’s current crowdfunding efforts.

These funds will help the electric vehicle pioneer continue launch and development efforts into 2021. In the coming weeks, the company will be revealing the first of its current build of vehicles, followed shortly by the second and third by the end of the year. Aptera has the longest range of any production vehicle ever created – breaking the 1,000 mile per charge barrier. With only four main pieces, Aptera has solved key challenges allowing for rapid, high-volume and cost-efficient manufacturing.

The investment will also help Aptera open a new production design center in San Diego and ramp into full-scale manufacturing. Working with partners such as Munro & Associates, the first initiatives include the layout of the assembly line and overall manufacturing process, including productionization of metal parts, interior systems, and HVAC. Their expertise will be critical to help Aptera scale and reach its goal of vehicle delivery in 2021.

About Aptera Motors
Aptera is the world’s most technologically advanced solar vehicle made possible through breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science and manufacturing. Aptera is the first in a line of solar-powered vehicles being produced by Aptera Motors that won’t need charging for most daily use. We’re an efficiency-obsessed brand offering an array of safe, comfortable, and fun to drive vehicles. Learn more at www.aptera.us.