Frequently Asked Questions


What is Aptera?

Aptera will create the most efficient transportation on the planet. We achieve this by leveraging breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing.

Aptera’s Launch Edition vehicle is the first product in a portfolio of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEVs) being produced by Aptera Motors that are powered by the sun and won’t need charging for most daily use. We are an efficiency-obsessed brand offering an array of safe, comfortable, and fun-to-drive vehicles. Through innovation and intelligent efficiency, we pride ourselves on our creative solutions to problems previously thought impossible.

Is Aptera a car?

No, Aptera is not a car. We call it a Solar Electric Vehicle, because it’s powered by the sun and also charged with batteries when plugged in. Technically speaking, Aptera can be classified as a motorcycle or auto-cycle. A helmet is not required because Aptera is enclosed, and the vast majority of states only require that you have a regular driver’s license to operate Aptera.

Why three wheels?

Our main goal is efficiency. Aptera leads the pack by having the least “rolling resistance” — the friction that comes from the wheels against the ground. Our three wheel design — instead of four, eliminates a touch point where energy can be lost.

What is Aptera made of?

Aptera’s specialized composite structure is called a Body in Carbon (BINC). The majority of the BINC is made of Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound (CF-SMC) combined with Glass Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). Fiber-SMC is a lightweight material consisting of a random arrangement of short fibers that make it possible to mold intricately shaped parts. It offers much higher stiffness and strength than standard SMC and can be press-molded, substantially reducing manufacturing time for the vehicle’s body. We are looking towards more organic fibers like Hemp and Bamboo for our non-structural parts.

How big is Aptera? What are the vehicle dimensions?

Aptera is 14.8 ft long (4.55 m), 7.3 ft (2.23 m) wide, and 4.6 ft (1.4 m) high. Aptera has 32.5 cubic feet of luggage capacity. But what can you fit in it? Find out in this video. We can’t wait for the adventures you and your Aptera will go on.

How many vehicles have been built?

We have broken our development phases into four key stages: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.
Alpha — Early prototypes to validate our basic design and engineering; Noir, Sol, and Luna
Beta — Test mules used to evaluate dynamic and transient vehicle behavior
Gamma — Development vehicles to represent production-intent functionalities and features; the culmination of 4+ years of hard work.
Delta — Production-intent vehicles
Meet Delta in the video below, our production-intent vehicle design that will pave the way for the Launch Edition Aptera — our first and most exclusive vehicles we’ll start production on.

Do I need a motorcycle license to operate Aptera?

Aptera is technically not classified as a car, it’s a motorcycle or auto-cycle. The vast majority of states only require that you have a regular driver’s license to drive a three-wheel vehicle like the Aptera. States that we’re aware currently require a motorcycle license are AK, MA, and WY (check your local laws for clarity). We will work hard to show these outlier states that the safety and ease of use of the Aptera should allow its operation without a motorcycle license. 

How does the referral program work?

Once you “sign up” and create an account at, you will receive a custom referral link that will be accessible on your Aptera Member dashboard. Here is how to locate your unique referral link once signed into your account:
– Click “My Account”
– Then, click on the “Referrals” tab
You will find your link that can be copied and shared with friends to reserve their Aptera! They will receive a 30% discount on the $100 deposit, and you will receive one referral point for each person that places a reservation with your link. Please note, that only after configuring their Aptera will a 30% discount be applied. Please refer to the Referral Dashboard for more information, terms, and conditions.

Are the windows made of glass?

Yes, we will use automotive safety glass for the windshield and door windows.

Will the windows be tinted?

Aptera will be equipped with two sun visors and have UV tint in all our windows, but you may need to add more. Luckily most places don’t have motorcycle tint restrictions.

Is there any safety between the cabin space and the cargo area?

In the rear cargo, Aptera will have six tie-downs — four for separation between the cargo area and the seats. We also plan to offer a high-strength cargo net and dividers to shield the luggage space and the cabin. There are plenty of aftermarket possibilities to explore as well.

What is the expected vehicle warranty?

The first 100 Apterae will get special treatment, but after that, we will have a fairly standard warranty. Comparable to that of any modern electric vehicle. We expect to offer a 10-year warranty on the high-voltage battery pack. Warranty information will be released on our website nearing the start of production, and we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter at the footer of our website to stay up-to-date with all announcements.

Will Aptera come with a spare tire?

At this time, no spare is included at the time of purchase. We envision a standard insurer or AAA roadside assistance will be able to help. The team will announce their recommendation and where one could be stored. Similar to other electric vehicles, the idea is to not include a spare which weighs down the vehicle’s efficiency.

Is it easy to get in and out of the vehicle?

The production-intent Aptera will be highly comfortable, with lightweight seats and a spacious cabin. We aim for our finalized design to allow drivers to easily get in and out of the vehicle. There will be several iterations of this design before the production vehicle debuts. Our engineers and design teams are consistently making improvements, and we look forward to showing off further innovations while we race to production.

Learn more about the design from the Chief of Design himself. Jason Hill provides more details on Gamma:

What is Aptera’s exterior finish? Wrap or paint?

We chose to finish Aptera with an extremely durable wrap because it is more environmentally friendly and eliminates approximately 98% of the need for a traditional painting process while offering UV protection. We also hope people will find it easier to repair damages or switch out colors of their choosing. We expect the film wrap to last 5 to 10 years in aggressive UV environments. We are testing with the vendors now to set expectations and warranty.

How do I wash the vehicle?

You can clean Aptera and the solar panels with soap and water.

Does Aptera run only on solar?

You can plug Aptera in like any other electric vehicle to get up to 1,000 miles in range on a single charge. We offer 250, 400, 600, and 1,000-mile battery packs. The built-in solar power is an added bonus— adding up to 40 miles a day of range powered by the sun that trickles down to charge your battery pack and top off any electric charge.

The solar continues to accumulate additional range each day up to the max range available in your battery pack. And according to our calculations, that’s more than 10,000 miles of solar per year. That’s a lot of free driving!

Is there a third seat?

While we are looking into this as a possibility for the future, a third seat will not be an option at the initial launch.

What testing protocol will Aptera implement to ensure vehicle durability and dependability?

We will use Industry Standard testing protocol to ensure reliability and durability. We will use all available resources to do mileage accumulation, accelerated wear testing, full vehicle rig/shaker testing, and common automotive practices of hot/cold extreme environment testing at various proving-ground locations around the country.

Simulations are great but having the people that designed the vehicle spend time in it is worth its weight in gold! 


Will Aptera be available in Europe?

Our goal is to sell Aptera worldwide everywhere possible. Our first three-wheel vehicle may not meet every global market’s requirement— we have an EU homologation and certification expert working with us to investigate minor model changes and help streamline the process as much as possible to meet the earliest production deliveries. We are still preparing for U.S. deliveries— we hope to begin international deliveries shortly after. Please follow our social media handles @aptera_motors and subscribe to our email newsletter for updates.

We encourage you to reserve your spot and help bring Aptera to your region even sooner. You can reserve your very own Aptera at

How can I make a pre-order reservation for Aptera?

You can reserve your very own Aptera at

Please begin by first logging into your Aptera account. If you do not have an account, please sign up to create an account. If you have questions about reserving an Aptera or need assistance accessing your online account, please email us through our Contact Us page. You can view delivery timing updates through your Aptera account dashboard (click My Account).

How much does an Aptera vehicle cost?

Aptera pricing is between $25,900 to $46,000+ depending on range and options. Our goal is to make Aptera accessible for everyone who wants to drive an efficient EV.

Is financing available?

We are in the process of selecting financing partners— our goal is to offer market competitive rates, and you are always welcome to find your own financial institution if you have a favorite bank or credit union. Our team will keep all Aptera members up to date with the options available at purchase time! Please look out for updates as we near the start of production.

What type of vehicles will Aptera offer in the future?

We will focus on aerodynamic, lightweight vehicles with efficient powertrains. And those will likely not look like standard passenger cars. We will expand to more seats and wheels over time, always ensuring our vehicles exceed the highest safety and performance standards.

When will Aptera start delivering preordered vehicles?

The Aptera team has been hard at work in our final development phase, Delta. Our goal is to begin production in late 2023. We are stepping into a 10,000-per-year production plan, which will ramp slowly. This strategic approach keeps the company well-capitalized and decreases the risk of high warranty costs.

Once we meet our funding objectives, we will purchase all equipment, tooling, and parts to begin production to ramp up our launch edition as quickly as possible. At that time, we will be able to provide an accurate delivery timeline for our reservation holders. As more information comes our way on the timing, you will be notified through your online Aptera dashboard, available once signed into your account. Until then, your patience, support, and enthusiasm power our solar mobility mission. We hope you’ll follow us and our progress on our social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It is exciting to share the path to production with you.

Can I upgrade my battery pack at a later date?

At this time, we are not planning to have the battery upgradable in segments. Our goal is to build this vehicle modularly to keep the cost low and hopefully help us scale quickly. This could be a possibility in the future!

You may choose to upgrade your battery through the Aptera dashboard prior to the delivery and purchase time once signed into your account.

What are my delivery options?

We will contact customers who have preorder reservations for Aptera with more information about shipping options once production is underway. You can find out an estimate of the current timing in your Aptera member portal, along with configuration information for your vehicle.

Will updating my Aptera’s configuration impact my delivery timeline?

You can make changes to your configuration once logged into your Aptera account until contacted to confirm the final selections closer to the date of purchase and delivery!

We will optimize order delivery and early adopter satisfaction, by announcing that certain configurations will be made first, such as the 400-mile range battery pack. The goal is to deliver vehicles as closely as we can to the order in which they were placed. 

How often should I expect to replace the battery pack?

Many cells can fail in our pack design before things need to be replaced, and if replacement is needed, you would only need to replace the pack itself. We expect to offer a 10-year warranty on the high-voltage battery pack. The replacement costs will vary, but they should be far less than any other EV, as our packs are smaller for a given range.

We will have exact answers regarding our battery warranty and repair/replacement cost and plan as we get closer to production time.

What is your production rollout plan? What configuration will you make and deliver first?

The first Apterae we plan to produce will be the 400-mile range version Launch Edition vehicle. Timing (or your reservation slot number) will depend on factors including – your geographical location, vehicle’s configuration, and reservation date. Additionally, through the Aptera Accelerator Program, the first 2,000 Launch Edition vehicles produced during the first few months of production will be prioritized for early deliveries to investors for us to accelerate the production plan for everyone, then our 350 Paradigm members.

We will share a delivery timeframe or approximate position in the delivery queue for all Aptera preorder reservation holders once we meet our funding objectives and have finalized our regional rollout plan. We are in the business of doing the once-thought impossible and are committed to bringing solar mobility to life. It would not be possible without the strong and passionate community behind us and the sun that powers our movement. The road for solar mobility is paved, and we are a team of innovators and pioneers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo to change the world for the betterment of humanity.

Will Aptera produce a right-hand drive (RHD) version?

Yes, we will be developing right-hand drive versions for necessary international markets. Our goal is to begin international deliveries in 2024.

Will I be notified to finalize my Aptera preorder before production starts?

Yes! Aptera’s team will contact you closer to delivery time, by email and phone, to confirm your solar electric vehicle’s final configuration and provide you with a clearer estimate of your Aptera’s delivery timing. In the meantime, you can modify your order online once signed into your account. Please be on the lookout for updates on delivery timing through your Aptera dashboard online.
We aim to deliver vehicles as closely as we can to the date by which they were made, though many factors are involved with the start of production and scaling quickly to meet our initial delivery goals.

I have moved locations. How do I update my shipping/delivery address?

If you have moved recently, or have an upcoming move planned, here are the steps to updating your home address:
1. Log in to your account
2. Under “Your Dashboard”, click “Edit Profile”
3. Review the current address on file, and update if needed! Click “Save” after changes are made

How many people can ride in Aptera?

Aptera is a two-seat, three-wheeled solar electric vehicle. Aptera’s distinctive appearance and design inspired by nature stem from our mission to deliver the most efficient vehicle made available to consumers. Our 3-wheeled, 2-seater Aptera is just the tip of the spear— a leap forward for clean and innovative mobility, but it doesn’t end here.

How will Aptera be insured? How much will insurance cost?

Aptera is registered and insured as a motorcycle. We are working on partnerships in this area to make it as easy as possible for Aptera drivers to obtain coverage. For companies to quote you, it will take a VIN #— those will become available closer to our production start date! Please stay tuned for more information through our website and email newsletter as this develops.

Will you deliver to Canada? What kind of driver’s license will Aptera require in Canada?

Yes, we will deliver to Canada after U.S. deliveries. The team is collaborating with regulators to comply with the regulations in Canada so that we may begin selling it there after our full-scale ramp to production in the U.S.
Aptera is technically not classified as a car; it’s a motorcycle or autocycle. We are hopeful that it will only require a regular driver’s license to operate our vehicle in Canada, especially as enclosed autocycles become more common. Canada’s road rules are similar to the U.S., so we are confident about localization. We are working hard to show any outlier Canadian province that Aptera’s safety and ease of use should allow its operation without a motorcycle license (Alberta and Ontario, please check your local laws for clarity).
You may wish to take part in our community discussion on Aptera’s online forum— we have many reservation holders in Canada who inform one another of developments, changes in regulations, and initiatives. We are following developments at the government level closely and look forward to having announcements.

Will the passenger seat accommodate a child seat?

This version of Aptera cannot accommodate a child seat with a seat anchor or standard equipment. Our main focus is getting our two-seater model into production; however, we look forward to expanding seating options in the future to accommodate families.

When will you begin delivering internationally?

Our goal is to sell Aptera worldwide, though it may take some time to be fully certified. Just like the universal nature of the sun, our movement is for everyone– not just someone. Updates to the timeline, pricing, and delivery details will be announced through your Aptera account page.

We encourage you to reserve your spot in line so that you will be one of the first to experience Aptera in your region. Please stay tuned for announcements through our social media channels; you can also subscribe to our email newsletter at the footer of our website. 

If I pick up my Aptera from the assembly facility, can I get it sooner?

Accepting delivery at our final assembly facility in San Diego, CA, may allow for earlier delivery, but it is too soon to provide specifics. Our team will contact you to discuss your options that way, you are well informed and can prepare ahead of time. 

How tall can I be to fit comfortably in Aptera?

We checked ergonomically our seating design to meet the 95th percentile male and 5th percentile female to sit comfortably in the vehicle. We look forward to providing Aptera preorder reservation holders with the opportunity to sit in our production vehicles. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space once you do. 

What is Aptera’s Launch Edition?

Aptera’s Launch Edition is the first vehicle we will begin to produce out of San Diego, California. Read more about its core specifications here. New and existing pre-order reservation holders can reconfigure their vehicles online to the Launch Edition with the click of a button through the Aptera dashboard.

You can access your Aptera member dashboard (or portal) once signed into your account by following this link:

What are Paradigm edition vehicles and when will they be delivered?

Paradigm edition vehicles were reserved by our earliest adopters — leaders of the solar mobility movement. The Launch edition is what we offer first to Paradigm edition reservation holders. This will include the complete solar package and enhanced audio package. Your Paradigm edition Aptera will be uniquely marked (more details to come). Final vehicle pricing will be announced near the start of production, as there are still unknowns at this time.

Once we near your Paradigm vehicle in the reservation queue, we will call and email all of those members, regardless of the existing vehicle configuration, to talk through the timeline for delivery and options.

Do you lose your place in line if you modify your Aptera preorder reservation?

No, you do not. Please feel free to modify your vehicle’s configuration once signed into your Aptera dashboard at You may do so until contacted to confirm the final selections closer to the date of purchase and delivery.

You can view your Aptera order online once logged into your account. Please click My Account on the top right-hand corner of the web page and then select Modify order next to your vehicle order identification number. If you would like to get your vehicle as soon as possible, we encourage you to reserve the Launch Edition Aptera.


Who is Aptera Motors?

We are the guides of the road, who inspire the path towards solar mobility for everyone who wants to harness the power of the sun, have the freedom to move, and create a better relationship with Earth while doing it. Our first product is radically simple and inspired by nature. It’s the most efficient vehicle on the planet, and it’s only just the beginning. We are solar mobility, on Earth, for Earth, and we are the future.
Learn more about the infinite possibilities — Luna has landed.

Why are we different?

Aptera has the longest range of any electric vehicle ever created – breaking the 1,000 mile per charge barrier. Integrated solar can be configured to provide over 40 miles of range per day with over three square meters and 180 efficient solar cells designed into the body structure. This makes the Aptera the first vehicle capable of meeting most daily driving needs with solar power alone.We have solved key manufacturing challenges allowing for rapid, high-volume and cost-efficient vehicle production – Aptera has just six main pieces.

What is Aptera’s mission?

At Aptera, we believe efficient transportation is crucial to managing our natural resources. With a focus on efficiency, Aptera makes better use of materials in construction and in their use. This saves resources we cannot afford to waste and lessens our overall impact on the planet and each other.

How does Aptera help the environment?

If Aptera produces one million vehicles, we’ll reduce our Co2 footprint by seven million tons per year. Each Aptera owner can reduce their carbon footprint by over 14,000 pounds of C02 per year, what 884 twenty five year old pine trees can absorb in a year. If one out of every 20 vehicles on the road were replaced with an Aptera, Americans would save 18 million gallons of gasoline every day or six BILLION gallons per year (assuming 20 mpg vehicle and $3 per gallon gas).

Where will Aptera be manufactured?

We will manufacture these vehicles ourselves and intend to do the initial assembly here in San Diego. As we expand, sub assemblies may be made elsewhere and eventually we will have other plants around the world producing our Solar Electric Vehicles.

Who can I contact regarding my Aptera investment?

We have many Aptera investors among our reservation holders, and it’s because of you we are making continued progress toward our goal of developing the most efficient transportation on the planet.

If you invested during our fundraising campaign on Wefunder and have questions, please email or visit

If you invested in Aptera during our most recent round and you have questions, you can reach us by phone at 253-300-0383, by email at, or by live chat at

For information on current opportunities to invest in Aptera, you can visit

For inquiries regarding private placements, please email

Where is Aptera located?

San Diego, CA

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for talented people who want to join us on our mission to reinvent the future of transportation and create a healthier planet. You can view and apply to our current job opportunities by visiting our careers page at

How can I get involved?

Sign up for our newsletter below or find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit.

If you’re interested in joining our Aptera Ambassador program, email us at

Above all, continue spreading the word to your community about our mission to create the most efficient transportation on the planet.

Thank you for your support!

Can Aptera handle pre-order demand?

Working with partners such as Munro & Associates, our first initiatives include the layout of the assembly line and overall manufacturing process, including productionization of metal parts, interior systems, and HVAC. Their expertise will be critical to help Aptera scale and reach our production goals.

How was Aptera created?

Aptera was created by Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro in an effort to make a better future for the planet possible through more efficient transportation. You can learn more about how Aptera was conceived and launched in this video.

Where does Aptera fit in the EV industry?

Our founder Chris Anthony believes that when it comes to EV efficiency, the industry has got a long way to go. Hear more about what he has to say in the video below.

Who founded Aptera?

Hear from our fearless leaders, co-founders and co-CEOs, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro.



Does Aptera qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?

As you may have heard, 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles do not qualify for the federal tax credit. But not to worry— we have a team in D.C. working hard to fix this. In the coming weeks, you will hear from the Aptera team about how you can help. Spreading our story to any and everyone is our most effective tool to garner more support at the Federal level.
Because Aptera is in pre-production, time is on our side. By harnessing the power of the sun, our solar mobility is a cleaner and more eco-friendly way to move around. We are confident that we will be able to show Congress that our 3-wheeled sEV allows drivers to lessen their carbon footprint more than any other EV on the market, and therefore, Aptera should qualify.
Please look out for announcements from the team through our email newsletter and social channels @aptera_motors. We’ll also keep you informed on tax credits specific to your state.

Will you be making a four seat version of Aptera in the future?

We will focus on aerodynamic, lightweight vehicles with efficient powertrains, and those will likely not look like standard passenger cars. However, we will expand to more seats and wheels over time. Aptera is not just for someone; it is for everyone.

How can I contact customer service?

To contact customer service about the status of your reservation, please visit the Contact page on our website.

What are the base prices for each range option?

1,000 miles – $44,900
600 miles – $34,600
400 miles – $29,800
250 miles – $25,900

The exact prices and fees are not final at this time. We will announce this information as we get closer to ramping up production.

Where can I see or visit Aptera?

Thanks! Our engineers are working hard to bring our Solar Electric “dream machine” to market as quickly as possible, so we aren’t offering public tours at this time.
We’re excited to host our supporters and future Aptera owners where the magic happens—  and about bringing Aptera to events for the public to see and experience the vehicle firsthand. Through continuous innovation, we are working tirelessly to change the status quo of how the world thinks of energy, mobility, and even what a vehicle looks like. We will announce new events through the Aptera events webpage, social channels, and email newsletter. We look forward to bringing the Aptera to events across the country once we have more vehicles available.
In the meantime, you can join our co-founder Steve Fambro on a walk-around of our latest Alpha vehicle, Sol.


What is the best way to stay up to date with new information about Aptera? How do I subscribe to the email newsletter?

To stay up to date with all that’s happening at Aptera, please follow our social channels on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can search us at @aptera_motors. We also encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter at the footer of our website. We’re thrilled to pave the way to solar mobility with you.

What is the Aptera Brand Ambassador Program?

Aptera’s Brand Ambassador Program is 750+ members strong. As an Aptera Brand Ambassador, you join a community that speaks to the many reasons to drive a solar electric vehicle — rooted in efficiency. Each ambassador is core to our mission. Our Ambassadors join teams including events, communications, and government relations. The members attend events in their regions worldwide to promote Aptera, raise brand awareness, meet with groups about our goal to transform the world driven by the power of the sun, and run our Reddit forum (to name a few!) — if you’d like to apply and become a part of our movement, you may reach out to
Read about one of our very own Ambassadors, Len Nowak, and his journey in the spotlight below.

Can I invest in Aptera?

You can sign up to invest in Aptera using one of the following platforms (or both) —
The time is now to be a part of Aptera’s movement and invest in solar electric vehicles — join us in bringing solar mobility to life.

What stage of development is Aptera in?

In 2023 the Aptera team will begin systems integration and build Delta vehicles of various forms to be used for validation and crash testing. Once the crash testing and validation stages are complete, we will begin production of our Launch Edition vehicles.

Meet Delta, in the video below, our production-intent vehicle design. We’re showcasing the union of our continuous improvements throughout our Alpha, Beta, and Gamma development phases. This is important because Delta will pave the way for the Launch Edition Aptera: our first and most exclusive vehicles we’ll start production on.

What do you expect your initial production rate to be? What do you expect the ramp to look like?

We are stepping into a 10,000-per-year production plan, which will ramp slowly. This strategic approach keeps the company well-capitalized and decreases the risk of high warranty costs. 
We plan to expand that quickly in the same plant to 20,000 a year, which is about the max for our first facility. Our Aptera team will begin contacting everyone individually near the start of production.


How efficient is Aptera?

Watch this video to see efficiency explained.

Is Aptera safe?

Aptera has significant safety advantages over other vehicles. Complete with an anti-lock braking system, forward collision warning with the safety pilot package, two airbags, four external cameras, and parking assist. We are designing to meet or exceed all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards and use industry-standard testing protocols to ensure reliability and durability.

Our Formula One-inspired safety cell uses advanced Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound (CF-SMC) that is ultra-lightweight and many times stronger than steel, paired with metallic front and rear subframes that absorb energy after impact. We will show our testing and provide Aptera’s safety rating upon passing a production vehicle through the full safety tests. 

What’s a Solar Electric Vehicle (sEV)?

Eco-friendly transportation that preserves our natural resources by reducing carbon and chemical emissions. Solar vehicles give people the ability to constantly recharge using the power from the sun without any requirement of a charging station, making the driver independent.

What are the benefits of a Solar Electric Vehicle?

One of the key features setting Aptera apart from other electric vehicles is our unique combination of solar and electric power to get you where you need to go with less impact on the planet.

Aptera uses the Sun to enhance its range — charging up to 40 miles a day from the solar cells alone when parked outside; this is made possible by Aptera’s aerodynamic design – fundamentally solving significant energy loss from drag. In other words, Aptera only uses 1/3 of the energy of a typical EV, charges more than 3x as fast, and gets 3x more mileage per battery charge.

And for those who drive farther than the sun can take you, not to worry. You can plug in your Aptera to a standard 110V or 220V outlet and achieve 250, 400, 600, or 1,000 miles in range, depending on your battery pack size. Watch our video and learn more about Aptera – a True Zero-Emission Vehicle.

What do you mean by Never Charge?

The average American drives 29 miles per day. Even though the longest range Aptera can drive for about 1,000 miles between charge, the reality is that most of our driving is 30 miles or less. For Aptera, 30 miles consumes about 3 kWh of electricity. Now, let’s say your commute is 15 miles each way, let’s assume it’s dark when you’re driving to and from work. While parked at the office on a sunny day, your Aptera could put back in about 4.4 kWh which is far more than what you’ll use that day. You’ll arrive home with more charge than when you left with. That’s how it works, it’s as simple as that.

How do you charge Aptera when you need to? Is it solar only?

You can plug Aptera in like any other electric vehicle — Aptera can be charged and travel 250, 400, 600, or 1,000 miles (depending on your battery pack size) by plugging in at home to a standard 110V or 220V outlet. The built-in solar power is a bonus.

We plan for Aptera to be compatible with Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 DC Fast Charge stations; and to ship the vehicle with a charging adapter so that you can charge it anywhere.

How quickly does Aptera charge?

Our charging infrastructure is stellar. You will achieve up to 40 miles of range per day while outside in the sunlight, trickling down into your battery pack. From a 110V cord, like what you’d charge your cell phone on, you receive about 13 miles an hour, or about 150 miles of charge overnight. At roadside charging stations, you’d likely get about 100 miles in 10 minutes. Once we have final charging specifications, we will be able to provide you with exact charge times based on your battery pack size, home outlets, and amperage available, as well as any onboard chargers we might recommend.

How many times a year will I need to charge Aptera?

There is a solar savings calculator on our website:

This will show you if your daily driving and location are compatible with a “Never Charge” lifestyle or if you will have to charge a few times a year. It will also show you approximately how much Aptera will save you in cost compared to the vehicle you drive today.

Why doesn’t every electric car do this?

They’d need a LOT more solar cells (like a 20’ billboard size) to do the job. But, because Aptera is so efficient we don’t need so many cells. It’s a great example of the engineering karma of an efficiency focused design. We use a lot less power to drive, so it takes a lot less power to charge, so much so that an efficient solar panel covering just the top of our vehicle can provide for the driving needs of most Americans.

How can Aptera get up to 40 miles of solar charge per day?

Depending on where you live and how your vehicle is configured, some drivers can get up to 40 miles of range per day powered by the sun.  Our Co-CEO Steve Fambro explains the science behind this engineering innovation from the team at Aptera.

What kind of sound system does Aptera have?

To create an amazing audio experience for your solar powered road trips, our enhanced audio package — with five channels of audio, comes included in every Launch Edition vehicle. This consists of two tweeters, two mid-range, and one subwoofer. The enhanced audio package brings great sound depth with an accurate and deep bass response. 

What makes Aptera so efficient?

Most vehicles today waste more than 65% of their energy at highway speeds due to aerodynamic drag. Aptera’s unique body shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than any other vehicle on the road. We can burn 30% of the energy the average EV does to go the same distance. Aptera puts over 90% of its battery pack’s energy into propelling itself with regenerative braking to add range.

What is Aptera’s drag coefficient?

The vehicle is made of lightweight composites that are many times stronger than steel, allowing its unique body shape to slip through the air with an unheard-of drag coefficient (Cd) of .13.

Why is efficiency important?

Efficient transportation is crucial to managing our natural resources. With a focus on efficiency, Aptera makes better use of materials in construction and in their use. This saves resources we cannot afford to waste and lessens our overall impact on the planet and each other.

How does Aptera use AI for greater efficiency?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can optimize the design of parts for the most strength with the least amount of material and weight. In most parts, we can achieve a 30-50% weight saving over the same part cast as a solid piece.

What is Aptera’s User Interface?

We worked with Crank Software to get an intuitive and efficient user interface for our vehicles. Find out about our partnership in the video below.


What’s the voltage of the system?

350 V nominal.

Will a tow package be available?

We are looking into flat towing and will announce more information as we approach production. We hope to make a Tow package available at some point in the future. We envision Aptera could tow a lightweight trailer for camping, maybe even adding some extra solar capability. We aspire to provide our customers with the tools to move with what they need while maintaining our efficient design. 

How many Wh per mile does Aptera use?

Aptera uses 100 Watt Hours (Wh) per mile, a fraction of the energy larger EVs are using to go the same distance.

How will you change a tire on Aptera?

There will be a jack point to lift the vehicle for wheel/ tire repairs. The wheel covers can be removed without unusual tools or special skills in a couple of minutes. See for yourself at minute 1:37 in the video below:

What is the max payload for the cargo area?

Aptera is designed to carry a 500 lbs payload of passengers and cargo, or a max of 300lbs in the rear cargo (if you only have the driver).

What are the ramifications of damage to the wheel pants?

Two ultra-sonic parking assist sensors will detect obstacles and protect the wheel pants from damage. This will allow the driver to adjust in tight places and provide enough support to maneuver comfortably.

Additionally, the front and rear bumpers on the wheel pants are of impact-resilient foam. The nose cone and tail cone are impact-resistant plastic similar to a bumper cover on a passenger car. The front nose cone, along with our subframe, is designed to crumple against our angled firewall and extend an impact sequence to the benefit of our passenger safety cell.

Can you see out the back window when solar is on the back hatch?

Yes, with our rear view cameras.

What is the full height of the open door?

This may change slightly in production, but it is 6’2″ right now.

What is the ground clearance?

We are looking for at least 5″ on both the wheel covers and the belly of the vehicle, but the belly will likely be higher than the wheel covers. The ground clearance of the Aptera with the off-road package is at least 7″. Exact specs will be released on our website nearing the start of production.

What is the width across the front wheels?

Aptera is 87.6″ wide. We realize this may be wider than local regulations permit for some of our global customers and we are working through this process with industry experts to ensure we can make Aptera available in Europe and the UK.

If parked outside, will Aptera charge even when it is not on?

Yes, for example, while parked at the office on a sunny day, your Aptera could charge about 4.4 kWh.

How do I unlock and lock the Aptera vehicle? With a key fob?

The vehicle will unlock by detecting you via your phone’s Bluetooth connection, our app, or with a physical RFID card. Once inside the vehicle, you can open the door through the center screen controls. Aptera will automatically lock when you exit by detecting that you are not inside. The interior cabin will include a mechanical release to open the door in case of any electrical malfunction. More information to come as we push the efficiency envelope on mobility.

Will Aptera have heated or cooled seats?

We plan to equip the vehicle with seat heaters. We are designing this vehicle specifically for a lot of the cold countries that love electric vehicles. Our sandwich core composites body offers great insulation and a nice heater, it’s very comfortable driving in the winter.

Cooled seats are great for efficiency because if you cool the body, it’s actually more efficient. Unfortunately, cooled seats are pretty complex. We think those will eventually be an option. We’ll know closer to production whether or not seat cooling will be included. It’s a technical challenge for sure. 

Will Aptera have side view mirrors?

We have a camera system for viewing the sides and back of the vehicle in addition to two side-view mirrors, motorcycle size, for better aerodynamics. The driver display screen will include left and right-side viewing, which makes it easy to see what’s happening around you. We look forward to releasing information on all display screen functionalities and our final design— with efficiency and safety driving it forward.

Will Aptera have windshield wipers?

Yes, we will have windshield wipers.

What kind of infotainment system will Aptera have?

Aptera will use Andromeda’s Central Infotainment Display (CID) solution and UI/UX functionality within our production vehicles. Andromeda’s HMI utilizes Isochrones by overlaying a polygon that will show accurately reachable areas based on the vehicle’s instantaneous and potential energy capacity. Learn more here.

Will Aptera have USB ports?

Aptera will have two USB-C charging ports.

Will the vehicle have over-the-air software updates?

While we aren’t planning on this for the initial production of vehicles, we have all of the capabilities for it! We will introduce extra features as “over-the-air” updates as we progress the technology to pair with our Aptera app— the idea is for your Aptera to be reusable and easily upgradeable.

Where are the vents and capabilities of the HVAC system in Aptera?

For production, our complete HVAC system will include the following— windshield and side window defrost, left and right under IP footwell vents, left and right outer corners of IP vents, and the main screen vent system, which will be fully controllable in both temperature and velocity of the airflow. The center venting system was born of our design process and philosophy with roots in intelligent efficiency and radical simplicity in that we had two needs fulfilled by one solution.

How are you testing the solar panels?

We’ve gone through sun simulators, the steel ball drop, hail testing, environmental cycling, and UV exposure.


Does Aptera have bidirectional charging capabilities?

We might be able to connect to your home’s backup battery and supply additional storage where you could run your home from the power. We are working with partners now to see how to offer this feature once we’re in production. We will announce the info when we have it.

What kind of batteries will Aptera use?

Aptera will utilize Eve Energy’s 21700 NMC 811 cylindrical cells in its vehicle’s structural battery packs. These lithium-ion structural battery packs will be produced in San Diego. You can read more by clicking through this link.

What is Aptera’s MPGe?

Imagine going to the pump and filling up 1.2 gallons into your vehicle and then traveling 400 miles. That’s what our 42kWh Launch Edition battery can do.


How fast is Aptera?

0-60 MPH in our All-Wheel Drive version clocks in as fast as 4 seconds and Front-Wheel Drive as fast as 6 seconds. Both versions will be RPM limited to 101 MPH.

How does Aptera handle in the snow and cold weather?

With all-wheel-drive and vectorized torque control, Aptera handles beautifully in the snow and ice. Aptera will have a full climate control system capable down to -20 and up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Aptera will be equipped with defroster grids, and our sandwich core composite body offers great insulation and a nice heater, making it very comfortable to drive in the winter.

Additionally, according to our calculations, even the most dreary places would average about 8,000 miles of solar “free-charging” per year. In the winter they may not get a lot of sun, but in the summertime, these regions have even longer hours of sunlight. For most people in the world, 8,000 miles of free charging is a game-changer.

How will Aptera handle repairs?

Here at Aptera, we’ve revolutionized every aspect of transportation, including repairs and customer service. Whether it’s you performing the repairs, or the auto shop down the street, the documentation provided will be clear and easy to understand. We believe anyone should be able to diagnose and repair their vehicle and will provide all the documentation to do so and make spare parts easy to acquire. Learn about our philosophy in our video.

Will Aptera offer regenerative braking?

Yes! Aptera will offer regenerative braking, which uses an electric vehicle’s motor as a generator to convert much of the kinetic energy lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the vehicle’s battery. Then, the next time the car accelerates, it uses much of the energy previously stored instead of tapping in further to its own energy reserves. Aptera will offer adjustable levels in 3 or 4 settings, from off to very heavy regen braking.

Is Aptera Front-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive?

Aptera offers both front (2WD) and all-wheel (3WD) drive packages. Our first Launch Edition vehicles will be 3WD.

Does Aptera have heating and air conditioning?

Yes! Aptera has air conditioning and heating — a complete climate control system capable of down to 60°F and up to 90°F (16-32°C).  The solar also allows the interior to stay at ambient temperatures on hot days to keep the inside cool before driving in the summer.

What is the wheel clearance?

5” to the bottom of the wheel covers and 9” to the bottom of the belly of the Aptera.

Have you taken Aptera to the track?

We took our Alpha vehicle to the track and put it to the test with our engineers as we refined our designs moving into Beta. This video shows our team at the track doing preliminary analysis on acceleration, braking and obstacle testing.


Will there be cupholders in the vehicle?

Aptera will feature two cup holders located on the center console.

Can you roll down the windows?


What type of motors?

In partnership with Elaphe, Aptera offers compact, high-torque in-wheel radial flux motors that allow for enhanced aerodynamics, lighter overall vehicle weight, and improved handling — resulting in better mileage and safety. You can select between either an all-wheel or front-wheel drivetrain.

How much will the HVAC impact range?

Although our well-insulated body helps, energy consumption from the HVAC can have a significant impact. You could see 10 to 20% less range on really hot or cold days. We have a fan to extract the hot air from the cabin that uses solar energy to keep the interior cool. We will share more exact figures once we have undergone more testing.


In Aptera, are the wires adequately shielded and protected from rodents or external debris?

To avoid the issue of eaten wire, we’re conceptualizing ways to use plastic without soy. We are particularly air-tight for our aerodynamics, so that helps. The suspension arms will be well protected and hidden in our production vehicle to guard against any damage or corrosion.

What will routine maintenance look like for Aptera?

We are designing Aptera to require very little routine maintenance, but probably safety checks at 150k miles at least. There will be no fluids needed other than washer fluid in the first 100k miles of driving. More exact figures will be shared prior to launch. We are designing this vehicle to be much simpler than most and thus have easier service needs.

What tire size do you expect to use on Aptera?

We are using a standard 16” tire size that you can get winter tires for anywhere.

Do the solar panels charge while driving?

Yes. The vehicle is charging while driving now. The charge rate is just less than the rate that it is consuming, hence, it’s not a perpetual motion machine.

What are the advantages of all-wheel-drive?

Adding a third motor on the rear wheel allows for improved performance, handling, and traction. Those are the key value-adds for paying for the third motor. It is better for driving and handling in snowy, off-road, or icy conditions. The additional regenerative braking capability is a bonus with a third motor, but it is not the driving factor.

Can I manually switch between all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive?

The system will adjust to the most efficient torque curves per motor, but we don’t think this will be user selectable.

Can I jack the vehicle?

The vehicle will be able to be put on jack stands using traditional equipment (jack stands and floor jack). Aptera will be capable for using two post lifts.

What happens in the event I get stuck somewhere and need to be towed?

Aptera can be tied down securely using ratchet straps for any form of transport, such as in a trailer or for flatbed towing. If you’re stuck somewhere, and you can’t get out, or you need to be pulled onto a tow truck, there are recovery points for that. We will demonstrate this and provide specific design details on vehicle recovery as we get closer to production.

How do I exit the vehicle and open the door in case of electrical malfunction?

The interior cabin will include a mechanical release to open the door in case of any electrical malfunction or emergency.

How will Aptera handle speed bumps?

Not to worry – Aptera will be able to go over speed bumps. Our wheels can take a pounding, and there is much less weight on them when compared to a typical EV. The wheel covers have EVA foam at the bottom, a high-energy absorbing and closed-cell foam in case of any impact shock. The vehicle’s 5″ ground clearance and good entry and exit angles on wheel covers will be able to handle speed bumps and potholes! The exact vehicle specifications will be shared nearing production once the design is locked down.