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Aptera is the first Solar Electric Vehicle that can require no charging for most daily use.

The road to solar mobility starts here

Find out how much Aptera will save you.

Aptera vehicle

To give you a 1,000 mile range, we had to develop the world’s most efficient vehicle.

Now you can go five times farther than other electric vehicles.

Aerodynamic Design

Lightweight Composite Materials

Efficient Drivetrain

32.5 Cubic Feet of Storage

Solar Charging

The future is now.

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Aerodynamics inspired by nature.

Aptera’s undercarriage swoops like a dolphin’s belly. This reduces drag, or the force of air flowing against the motion of the vehicle. Aptera is curved at the nose, wide along the sides and tapered toward the trunk — like a small, speedy aircraft.

To build the most efficient vehicle, we had to reimagine the shape of transportation.

Drag coefficients, a measure of the amount of resistance an object encounters as it moves, compared:

chart comparing the aerodynamic efficiency of Aptera
Lightweight construction

Lighter, stronger, safer.

Lighter cars require less energy to move. Aptera weighs 65% less than other electric vehicles today. The body is built with ultra-lightweight composites and its arched shape mimics the physics of an eggshell — that protects you and your loved ones with a safety cell that is much stronger than steel.

Optimized roll resistance & low friction

Less friction gives you an optimized ride

Again Aptera leads the pack by having the least “rolling resistance” — the amount of energy needed to keep your tires rolling at a straight and steady pace. Our three wheel design — instead of four, eliminates a touch point where energy can be lost.

Revolutionary battery system

Continuously charging technology.

Eliminate the worry of finding charging stations. Aptera’s unique diamond shaped solar panels maximize the energy you get from the sun. This gives fully equipped vehicles ~700 Watts of continuous charging power — whether you’re driving or parked.

Enough space to carry what you need.

Whether you’re hauling the gear for your favorite activities, sleeping under the stars, or securing your furry friend, Aptera is designed to fit you and all of your cargo. With 32.5 cubic feet of rear storage, Aptera has room to meet your needs.

Handle weather.

Aptera has been developed to handle well in harsh conditions with all-wheel-drive and an anti-lock braking system.

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