Aptera Co-CEOs to Receive First-Ever Super Crowd Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Award

–The Super Crowd, Inc. Will Present the Award at SuperCrowd23 on May 10– 

April 5, 2023 – The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, will present Aptera Co-CEOs, Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony with the first-ever Super Crowd Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Award in recognition of the money raised via their Regulation A crowdfunding offering.

Under the leadership of the Co-CEOs, Aptera has raised over $60 million via crowdfunding offerings over the past several years to bring to market a solar electric vehicle that will be the most energy efficient in history. The award will be presented on day one of SuperCrowd23, a virtual conference to be held on May 10 and 11. Tickets are still available.

“We are honored to receive the first-ever Super Crowd Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Award,” said Fambro. “Our community recognizes the social and environmental impact of producing an affordable electric vehicle that can operate over 10,000 miles per year directly from the sun and without charging from the grid.”

“We are grateful to be recognized with this award, but we remain focused on a single mission to get our solar electric vehicle into production,” Anthony said. “To bring solar mobility to the mass market, we are securing additional funding through our crowdfunding campaign, institutional investments, and nondilutive government loan and grant programs. We’ll rest when we’ve delivered our sEVs to the 42,000+ people who have reserved one.”

“The potential environmental impact of vehicles that use a fraction of the energy of the most efficient EVs on the road today cannot be overstated,” says The Super Crowd, Inc., CEO Devin Thorpe. “Given the vital role that crowdfunding has played in building Aptera, there is no more deserving recipient for our first-ever Super Crowd Impact Crowdfunder of the Year Award.”

Based in San Diego, California, Aptera received a $21 million grant from the California Energy Commission in March to help it bring its sEVs into production there.

Aptera Motors® delivers the world’s most technologically advanced solar electric vehicles (sEVs), made possible by breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing. Aptera is the first in a series of eco-friendly vehicles that will be offered for consumer and commercial use. It has the longest range of any production vehicle, with up to 1,000 miles per charge and the ability to travel up to 40 miles a day on free power from its integrated solar panels. With only six key body components, Aptera’s unique shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles today. Learn more about Aptera’s investment opportunity at invest.aptera.us

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