Earth Month Challenge — Week 2

The future is now, and the steps you take today, impact tomorrow. What impact do you want to leave?

It’s week two of our Earth Month Challenge — If you complete 3 of the eco-actions or sustainable swaps found in our stories in the next 7 days and share your progress with us on Instagram or Twitter along the way, you’re still entered in to win a ride in Aptera and a visit to our HQ. Join us in driving into a better tomorrow – for you, and the planet. 

We’ll be giving you new simple, but impactful ways to help improve your relationship with the planet every week in April. Check out our Earth Month highlight for all of the challenge and giveaway details. 

Every time you complete an eco-action or sustainable swap, snap a picture and share it on Instagram or Twitter and tag us so we can see the power of collective action. If you do all 4 weeks, you’ll be entered to win a ride in Aptera and lunch with the team at our HQ.

The next set of our eco-actions and sustainable swaps are outlined above and week 2 starts today — Get ready to take action!

To be eligible to participate in the Earth Month challenge, you must (i) be public on Instagram or Twitter (ii) be eighteen (18) years of age or older, and (iii) be a resident of the United States of America.

See the full rules and regulations here.