Solar Shaped For The Future

We build cutting-edge ultra-durable solar panels and ultra-efficient power electronics to revolutionize renewable energy in the world of mobility.

Solar That Fits Any Shape

- Energy production up to 0.23 kW/m²
- Capable of high compound curvature
- Designed to last 15+ years in accordance with IEC and UL standards
- 58% thinner and lighter than competing automotive solar panels
- Impact resistant to both automotive and solar standards
- Automotive-grade vibration resistance

Bleeding-Edge Solar Charge Controller

- Charge conversion efficiency up to 94%
- Dual conversion stages boosting up to 400V
- Custom maximum power point tracking algorithm
- Fully CAN integrated
- Up to 10 solar inputs
- Automotive grade engineering
Aptera can build the most robust solar panels for your application.

Be a part of the future. Go solar today.