7 Things Real Fans Know about Aptera

Design thinking was the theme of this week and our team had fun getting creative, finalizing exterior colors, and the interior ethos of Aptera. We’re tempted to show you, but we want to save some surprises for our launch in just a few weeks! In the meantime, here’s a list of 7 things that true blue fans know about Aptera. Are you one of them? Read up on how to join the movement below.

1. Aptera is NOT a car. It’s a type of vehicle called an autocycle.

2. The name Aptera is Greek for “wingless.”

3. The plural of Aptera is Apterae.

4. Our first prototype made a cameo in the 2009 Star Trek movie and was animated into an episode of Family Guy.

5. Aptera’s design is inspired by nature and refined by science.

6. Our proprietary composites are many times stronger than steel.

7. The sideview mirrors on a typical pickup truck have more aerodynamic drag than the WHOLE Aptera!

We’re looking for ambassadors to help us take Aptera to the next level. If you’re interested in supporting us in your city, please email info@aptera.us.

Until next week,
The team at Aptera