A Chance to Invest in Aptera

As we near completion of our first new development vehicles, we’ve been flooded with interest from Aptera fans who have waited for this moment and want to be a part of making it happen. We’re only weeks away from launch now and we’ll be moving at light speed once we hit that milestone. Then, we’ll turn focus to delivering the first Apterae.

For those of you who share our vision for efficient, sustainable transportation, there’s a new opportunity to become a part of our Aptera family. With a $1,000 investment on Wefunder.com, you’ll snag a pre-order coupon for one of Aptera’s first two limited-edition vehicles (drumroll, please…)

  • Paradigm Edition: Built to be the Most Efficient Vehicle on the Road with 400-mile range, Enhanced Audio, 100kW, Full Solar, with special Paradigm interior features (220 vehicles – first production run). Total Price: $29,900
  • Paradigm +: Built to be the Most Efficient Vehicle on the Road with a full 1,000-mile range, Upgraded Audio, 100kW, Full Solar with special Paradigm interior features (110 vehicles – fourth production run). Total Price: $44,900
  • You can also order any standard edition and still use your $100 coupon for the pre-order.

How does it work? Sign up on Wefunder.com if you haven’t already. We will e-mail you a coupon code after your investment and once launched, you will enter in that coupon code instead of paying the $100 for your pre-order. It’s basically 10% off of your investment for supporting our launch efforts.

We look forward to welcoming new supporters and future Aptera owners as we work together for a better future.