Ambassador Spotlight: Bruce Nelson

Learn how our ambassadors are helping us drive solar mobility forward.

I have worked in environmental products for many years and have followed Aptera from the first iteration. I discovered early in 2020 that they had reformed and was excited about what I initially heard. Previously, I had worked with some small start-up EV companies, including at TH!NK Mobility for their Ford TH!NK.  

When I saw the car renderings, I emailed Aptera asking if I could have their permission to share online. Sarah Hardwick from Aptera responded favorably to my request, and this was the beginning of the ambassador program. I started up the subreddit r/apteramotors. We started with about 15 people in the beginning, and now we’re over 2,300. In May alone, we had over 60,000 views. I have also started up a YouTube channel that has garnered several thousand views in just over a month. 

Many decades ago, I volunteered with the Peace Corps and visited a lot of truly unique places. I have worked in teaching and technical support. Due to my work in environmental science, I had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world. Among the places I have lived in are Japan and Singapore. When I was in Kuwait, I measured air pollution in their burning oil fields during the early 1990s. 

Currently, my wife and I drive a 2001 Honda Insight. Aptera improves upon the performance of this car in every single category. Last November, we were lucky enough to stop by Aptera HQ in San Diego and take a ride in the Luna prototype. What a truly eye-opening experience that ride was! I have worked with several car companies over my career, so I have seen many prototypes and signed many non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s). With Aptera, things were totally different. They were very open and didn’t ask us to sign anything – just an amazing company to deal with. 

I am number 42 for the delivery of the Paradigm Model, and I am very excited to show the folks in Iowa what the future of transportation looks like. In the macro sense, I know that Aptera will improve the world’s environment. In the micro sense, it’s something where personal relationships can form. I live for the community and definitely feel that Aptera owners will create their own network, sharing information and experiences. 

Once I receive my Aptera, I know that I can generate some excitement, and it would be wonderful to have a factory here in Iowa. As an ambassador, I am grateful to have the opportunity to take part in the journey of Aptera. 

Written by Michael Brooke

Over 700 global volunteers make up our dedicated Brand Ambassador Program. Aptera Ambassadors are sEV enthusiasts and leaders that play a fundamental role in the spread of Aptera’s mission: to create the most efficient transportation on the planet. In this series, you’ll discover who our ambassadors are, what attracted them to Aptera, and what it means to be an Aptera ambassador.