Ambassador Spotlight: Jade Nimusiima

Learn how our ambassadors are helping us drive solar mobility forward.

I am Aptera’s first ambassador from the African continent. I am particularly from a country called Uganda. I learned about Aptera through watching a TikTok video. The speaker in the video pointed out the Aptera company, and I went ahead to search for the website where I read all the information about Aptera. Since then, I have been a huge fan of Aptera and a supporter of their goals. I love the fact that the vehicle is eco-friendly, efficient, and I appreciate the aerodynamics in its design. I think it is very smart that they incorporated an aerodynamic design to make it faster and avoid friction. The fact that the vehicle is solar powered really intrigues me as well, as I find that more sustainable in the long term.

Previously, I have had work experience in the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Resilient Africa Network, and Clarkson insurance brokerage. Currently, I am a university business student. 

Uganda is located in the eastern part of Africa and has excellent weather – it’s not too hot, and there is no winter. Uganda gets plenty of sunshine, and this is why Aptera will be very successful here. The only problem may be in the few areas where the roads are not smooth, and I am not sure how well Aptera would adapt to some of our roads in the countryside. Nevertheless, I am positive it would be adaptable to most of the roads in the city and main roads in the countryside, and its adoption would be the perfect solution to the rising fuel prices in my country.

Written by Michael Brooke

Over 700 global volunteers make up our dedicated Brand Ambassador Program. Aptera Ambassadors are sEV enthusiasts and leaders that play a fundamental role in the spread of Aptera’s mission: to create the most efficient transportation on the planet. In this series, you’ll discover who our ambassadors are, what attracted them to Aptera, and what it means to be an Aptera ambassador.