Ambassador Spotlight: Jarom Hein

Learn how our ambassadors are helping us drive solar mobility forward.

I was first drawn to Aptera because I was excited by the premise of a more sustainable vehicle. The ideas of efficiency and accessibility really appeal to me. I live in Montana, and a lot of the energy used to power our ranch operations comes from a solar grid-tie system. I believe sustainability is the way to live. I will be breaking ground in 2023 for a completely off-grid sustainable home made primarily from recycled materials. 

As an ambassador, I hope to communicate the idea of an Aptera vehicle being an excellent fit for those who love the outdoors. In a place like Montana, you have over 53,000 miles of unpaved roads. I am interested in promoting the idea of Aptera as an outdoor enthusiast’s dream vehicle to go fishing, camping, rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, etc. It’s a great way to access the outdoors in an efficient and low-impact way. I truly love to go camping, and the idea of “leave no trace” with a vehicle that does just that is really cool. 

I currently work as an IT professional at my local county in Missoula, Montana. I am also a musician and play the trumpet with a few bands. Being able to travel to gigs around the Northwest in a low-impact and affordable way will put more money in my pocket. If you ever find yourself here, check out Reverend Slanky. We play mostly funk and soul music. You can find out more about us at

Written by Michael Brooke

Over 700 global volunteers make up our dedicated Brand Ambassador Program. Aptera Ambassadors are sEV enthusiasts and leaders that play a fundamental role in the spread of Aptera’s mission: to create the most efficient transportation on the planet. In this series, you’ll discover who our ambassadors are, what attracted them to Aptera, and what it means to be an Aptera ambassador.