Ambassador Spotlight: Monica Samec

Learn how our ambassadors are helping us drive solar mobility forward.

Efficiency. This is what first drew me to Aptera. Luna is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished. It really pushes the limits on efficiency. There are a lot of new ideas from Aptera that are beyond what other electric car companies are doing. I became an Aptera investor towards the end of 2020. Best Christmas gift imaginable to help support Aptera’s mission. 

I have spent many years advising, developing and financing renewable energy projects in West Africa. I work in a number of countries with very little grid infrastructure and are using new technologies to deal with some immense challenges. This includes places that have severe problems accessing fuel, with gas station queues that can last for days. Aptera vehicles generating their own fuel really captures one’s imagination. 

I have had the opportunity to work with many early-stage companies in West Africa. I’ve experienced first-hand how entrepreneurs work diligently to make their ventures come into existence. Bringing something to the world that is unique can be pretty challenging, especially in the first few years. I am in awe of both the vision and dedication that Aptera shows to make the Luna a viable mode of transportation. So I want to help ensure its success. 

This is a truly unique vehicle that can cut energy use by more than half. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person coming from transportation in North America is incredible compared to most countries. Aptera will go a long way in helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 

As an ambassador, I want people to know about this option when it comes to getting them to where they need to go. Anything I can do to let people know both about the energy savings along with Luna’s unique features is part of my mission. People will be surprised at how many people will purchase an Aptera as a primary or secondary vehicle. However, there are several barriers at the federal and state level. So I am also planning to work with Aptera’s policy team as the company rolls out its vehicle production. The more people join in, the faster we are going to get more of these vehicles on the road! 

Written by Michael Brooke

Over 700 global volunteers make up our dedicated Brand Ambassador Program. Aptera Ambassadors are sEV enthusiasts and leaders that play a fundamental role in the spread of Aptera’s mission: to create the most efficient transportation on the planet. In this series, you’ll discover who our ambassadors are, what attracted them to Aptera, and what it means to be an Aptera ambassador.