Aptera Myths Debunked

While our engineers are hard at work building our solar electric vehicles, we thought you might like to learn the truth about some of the biggest questions and misconceptions people have about Aptera.

Myth #1 – Aptera Doesn’t Have Enough Space 

One of the first things people assume about Aptera is that it doesn’t have enough space. While Aptera is only a two-seater, Aptera has 60% more storage than a Honda Accord and 20% more storage than a Prius.

With 25 cubic feet of cargo space, Aptera has the room for a pretty decent-sized grocery trip. And when you’re ready for an adventure, Aptera can fit the gear for snowboarding, surfing, biking, or your furry companion or two.

Myth #2 – Aptera is a Motorcycle

Because Aptera has three wheels and is technically classified as an auto-cycle, many people wonder whether they’ll have to have a special license or wear a helmet to drive Aptera.

The vast majority of states do not require a helmet and most only require that you have a regular driver’s license. You can check your local laws for clarity. Plus, Aptera’s classification as an auto-cycle comes with a few potential bonuses, like full-time access to the HOV lane, less expensive auto insurance, and more.

Myth #3 – You Can’t See Aptera’s Wheel Covers While On The Road

One of the most commonly raised questions we get from our future solar electric vehicle drivers is about visibility while driving. Aptera’s wheel cover can easily be seen from the driver’s seat. Our plan is to offer rearview digital cameras rather than mirrors for increased visibility. This makes it possible for us to integrate solar cells into the rear hatch.

It’s exciting to see how many future Aptera owners’ have ordered the full solar package for up to 40 miles in bonus mileage a day to top off any electric charge.

Myth #4 – Aptera is Difficult to Park

People often assume Aptera will be difficult to find parking in, because of its width. You’ll find that at 88 inches wide, Aptera fits nicely into a standard-size parking space, which usually runs about 108 inches wide. And don’t forget, our doors go up (not out) making it much easier to park.

Myth #5 – You Can’t Fit A Beverage Through The Windows

Many people are concerned about Aptera’s split windows not allowing them to pick up their favorite coffee or go through the drive-thru. Rest assured Aptera allows for even the largest size drink to fit through its windows, but don’t forget to bring your reusable cup!

Let us know if you enjoyed this format, and we will debunk even more Aptera myths soon.