Aptera Re-opens Investment Offering

It’s official, the Aptera Motors investment offering has re-opened – you can now invest in Aptera at $10.50/share as we continue on our journey to bring solar mobility to life.

In the last three months, we’ve been hard at work on our Gamma vehicle, the third stage of our four stage development roadmap. Now that we’ve moved into our final assembly location in Carlsbad, California, the next six months will be focused on supply chain and manufacturing build-out with the goal of ramping to full-scale production in 2023. As of today we’ve received over 30,000 reservations representing over $1 billion in total pre-order value. Strategic agreements with Red Viking, Elaphe, and Yazaki are just a few of the supply-side agreements we’ve cemented to bring us closer and closer to a commercial launch.

We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come for Aptera – the support from our community of investors and fans like you is what makes it all possible. We invite you to learn more about investing in Aptera at this link, and we can’t wait to share the journey towards a solar future with you all.