DC Fast Charging Now Standard

We have some great news and owe you an explanation. We’re excited to announce today that ALL Aptera vehicles will come with DC fast charging, including the first Launch Edition vehicles that roll off the assembly line. 

We will be able to offer between 40 and 60kW of DC Fast Charging with our Launch Edition vehicles. Once testing is complete, we will provide an update on our max charge rates. We will also be working on a 100kW version for release down the road. Our DC Fast Charging system is designed to work with the Super Charger Network, so if Tesla agrees to open their network up to Aptera owners, your Launch Edition vehicle will be ready to go. Tesla’s Supercharging network has 60% more North American Charging Standard posts than all of the CCS-equipped networks combined, so it could be a huge selling point for future Aptera owners. 

Aptera was always meant to be a true road-trip vehicle, and now with the Fast-Charging standard, we can’t wait to see where you take your Launch Edition vehicles.  

We are truly humbled and motivated by all of you who support Aptera. Together, we will shift transportation toward solar sustainability through continuous innovation and improvements.