Earth Month Challenge — Week 4

Are you ready for the last week of Aptera’s Earth Month Challenge?

In a world that’s constantly changing, we must evolve alongside the environment around us to survive. But in order to thrive in the future, we must learn to adapt with a future-forward mindset. Together, over the last 3 weeks we’ve made small lifestyle changes to care for planet Earth. At Aptera, we truly believe that the solution to our planet’s biggest challenges lies in the power of collective action, limitless thinking, and inclusive collaboration.      

If you’ve been participating in the challenge this month, what has been your favorite eco-action or sustainable swap so far? What issues have you run into? And how can we work together to solve them? We’re all ears.

To complete this week’s challenge, complete 5 of the tasks in our stories, share photos of your sustainable contributions to social media, and tag Aptera. If you complete all 4 weeks of our Earth Month Challenge, you’ll be entered to win a ride in Aptera and lunch with the team at our HQ.

Happy Earth Month, and thank you to all who took action in their own lives, inspired the people around you, and joined our movement of solar revolutionaries.

To be eligible to participate in the Earth Month challenge, you must (i) be public on Instagram or Twitter (ii) be eighteen (18) years of age or older, and (iii) be a resident of the United States of America.

See the full rules and regulations here.