Luna Q+A with Jason Hill

We unveiled our latest vehicle design, Luna, in a video debuted today. Our third Alpha vehicle features a sleek, silver exterior paired with a warm and engaging interior with earth tone accents.

To give our future Apterae owners more information on the inspiration behind Luna’s design, we sat down with Aptera’s vehicle designer Jason Hill to ask him some questions.

Q&A with Jason Hill, Vehicle Designer

Q: What is the inspiration behind Luna?

A: Luna is inspired by the night blues and the silvery tones of the moon — Luna’s design is celestial.

Q: What does Luna symbolize?

A: Luna symbolizes our wish for beauty and functionality. It represents our desire to leave behind a better world and greener planet for future generations. 

Q: Who is Luna designed for?

Luna is designed for those who like the simple luxury of technology. Technology that does its job behind the scenes and presents a natural surface and intuitive user interface.

Q: Which interior option does Luna have?

A: Luna features the Codex interior option. It was chosen to accent the silver exterior.  Codex is sophisticated and relaxed — displaying precision and natural textures.

Q: How is Luna different than Sol and Noir?

A: Luna is FWD and sits in silver to reflect its naturally beautiful shape. It provides a metallic surface opposite the starkness of the white or black of Sol and Noir. Luna represents stability and aesthetic purity.  

Q: What can you tell us about the special features that will be debuted along with Luna?

A: We are rounding out our enhanced audio package and co-designing a PA amplifier system with Quilter Labs.

Q: Luna is an Alpha prototype. How will Aptera’s Beta vehicles appear different, if at all?

A: Beta vehicles, of which the design is nearly completed, will look much the same as our Alpha series. We have made packaging and comfort improvements, and several refinements for the interior design including seating, door panel and instrument panel. The same design theme has evolved and matured into production level intent.