Meet Delta — Aptera’s Production Design

We finalized our production-intent design for Aptera, Delta. For the first time, we’re showcasing the union of the continuous improvements we made throughout our Alpha, Beta, and Gamma development phases. This is important, because Delta will pave the way for the Launch Edition Aptera: our first and most exclusive vehicles we’ll start production on.

To help us ramp up our production volume more quickly and as part of Aptera’s ethos of simplicity and efficiency, our Launch Edition vehicles will have one unified configuration.

On January 20, 2023, we will further showcase our production-intent design and announce our Launch Edition’s unique specifications and revolutionary capabilities in a livestream webinar. Join us for the global reveal where we’ll outline the core technologies that will make your solar electric dreams come true and the strategies we’re employing to make solar mobility a reality for all.

We made it here with your unshakeable support and passion for solar mobility, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’re excited to continue on the path to production with all of you riding shotgun.