I’m Never Paying For Gas Again

Before I discovered Aptera, I didn’t question how much money transportation was. 

My gas-guzzling SUV gets a measly 24 MPG, but I never questioned what impact that had on my wallet. I make frequent trips to the gas station and drive approximately 70 miles per day to commute to work. When I was adding up my yearly expenses, I was startled by the amount I was spending on gas. It was at this point that I started investigating alternative ways to save money without compromising mobility. 

That’s when I came across Aptera and was immediately captivated. The vehicle appeared like a futuristic spaceship adorned with solar panels. The more I researched, the more intrigued I became. Why had no one ever designed a vehicle like this before? Why hadn’t any manufacturers thought to incorporate solar energy into their vehicles? 

The Reason 

Unfortunately, the answer is all too familiar. The automotive industry is hesitant to take risks and move away from conventional designs. They continue to manufacture bulky vehicles with inefficient aerodynamics, resulting in dismal fuel efficiency. Until Aptera, no one had dared to think outside the box. 

While my SUV gets an average of 24 MPG, Aptera boasts an incredible 350 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). This is due to its sleek design with a low drag coefficient of only 0.13, which explains why it looks so distinct from anything else on the road. Aptera’s powertrain, battery, and lightweight carbon fiber body structure further complement its efficient shape. Plus, it’s equipped with ~700 watts of solar cells that can generate up to 40 miles of charge per day. 

Why We’ve Never Seen a Solar Vehicle 

The reason we’ve never seen a solar-powered car before is that no vehicle was efficient enough for solar power to make a significant difference in daily range. If the popular Ford F150 were outfitted with ~700 watts of solar cells, it would only gain 2 miles of range per day. This highlights the significant impact that efficiency has on everything else. 

Aptera is 14 times more efficient than an F150 and 3 times more efficient than a Tesla Model S. According to the efficiency chart, I could travel 14 times farther with an Aptera using the same energy consumption as my current SUV. But the benefits don’t stop there. Since Aptera operates on electricity, not gasoline, I save even more money. And thanks to its significant range from the sun, I save even more. 

Aptera will save me thousands per year 

When I used Aptera’s savings calculator, which takes into account my current vehicle’s MPG, location, and daily travel distance, I discovered that in just five years, Aptera would save me a staggering $27,962. 

Efficiency is not only about protecting the environment; it also translates into significant cost savings. By driving one of the lowest-cost forms of transportation on Earth, Aptera, you can experience these benefits firsthand. Try out the savings calculator and reserve your Aptera if you’re sick of paying for gas.