Putting it ALL Together!

It’s been a BUSY last few weeks for Aptera. We now have almost all the parts for our first development vehicles, and within days those final parts will come in from vendors and our Aptera build shops all over the world (San Diego, Reno, San Jose, Canada, New Zealand). Then it’s time to assemble and fine tune!

We have our beautiful suspension parts waiting for their new home in our first vehicles. Through our use of AI Generative Design, we’re able to lighten these parts significantly, which adds even more miles to your Aptera’s range.

Our jewelry is ready to be put on in just a few days. With some great LED technologies, we’ve been able to keep all of these lights lightweight and super-efficient. A typical inefficient car lighting system could hit the Aptera’s range as much as 10%. But not these beauties … nothing but range-extending features here!

We designed a super lightweight wheel and tire combination too. At around 6kg each, these wheels are made for eco-mileage. We’ll need a good bit of tire testing to choose a production tire, but these will have us going in lightweight and low rolling-resistance style for now.

We aren’t neglecting production designs and planning. Our first battery modules are being wire bonded up right now and will be ready for thermal testing soon. This is a very energy dense package that will pack a LOT of energy into a small space to take you long, long, loooong way.

We have to say a BIG Thank You to all our new investors and those that have been supporting us and spreading the word about our vision for a more efficient future for us all. Stay tuned for more updates soon as we approach our first drive, a launch event, and the start of pre-orders!