Invest in Aptera on Republic

We’re excited to announce you can now invest in Aptera on Republic. Now for a minimum investment of $210 USD, you can join us on the road to making solar mobility a reality.

What is Republic?

Republic is a private investing platform where both accredited and non-accredited investors meet entrepreneurs and access high-growth potential deals across a range of private markets.

Why Republic?

To make the Aptera investment offering accessible to all, reach new audiences, and expand our supportive movement, we decided to launch our offering on Republic, in addition to the platform on our website at Now you can choose to make investments in Aptera directly through our website at or on

If I invested in Aptera previously through Aptera’s investment website or WeFunder, can I also invest through Republic? 

If you are an existing investor who is returning to invest in Aptera, you can do so through either the new Republic platform or through the investment site at

If you do choose to invest through Republic please use the same email address as you did to invest at That way, all your investments will be migrated to a single equity management platform. It will ensure a seamless transition of all your investment data and records.

Have more questions?

To learn more about the offering on Republic, check out our pitch. There you can ask questions and share feedback directly with our team.

If you have support-related questions for Republic, please contact

If you have questions about investing in Aptera, please contact

Want to learn more about Aptera? Check out our FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, please message our team through our Contact Us page.