Driving into the Summer of Solar Mobility

It’s… The Summer of Solar Mobility!  

Welcome to the best time of year — Summer! It’s no mystery why summer is Aptera’s favorite season: Abundant sunshine (aka more fuel for our solar EVs), additional daylight to do the things we love outside, and cherished moments with people who also love the power of the sun. 

Introducing the Summer of Solar Mobility— a joyous celebration of all things sunshine, connection to nature, inspiring community energy, and of course, solar EVs! Get ready for #SolarSummer, because starting this week, we’re getting outside to meet all of you who have supported our solar mobility movement. It’s officially time to get up, let your hair down, soak up the sun, and experience solar mobility firsthand. 

Okay, but what does that mean? We’re glad you asked. 

1. Local activations and event pop-ups 

    Team Aptera has weekly plans to get out and about all over Southern California with our solar electric vehicles. To find out when and where we’ll be, be sure you’re subscribed to receive text messages from our team. Text SOLAR to 1-619-848-0230 to subscribe and get notified of our whereabouts. You’ll start receiving texts from Team Aptera as soon as we’re out in the sun.  

    2. Test rides in our sEVs 

    Yep, it’s really happening. You asked and we’re delivering this summer. At every event pop-up, we’ll be offering test rides in our Gamma vehicle for the first ten people to RSVP. Again, you’ll want to be signed up to receive text messages from us in order to get behind the wheel of an Aptera. 

    3. We’re going on tour!

    Aptera is going on our second annual solar mobility tour along the coast of California, but this time we’re entering NorCal. During the first couple weeks of September, we’ll hit destinations to showcase solar mobility including but not limited to: Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley & San Francisco. We can’t wait to bring the future of transportation to your city! 

    4. A jam-packed events calendar

    In addition to our local pop-ups and solar mobility tour, Team Aptera has a jam-packed events calendar this summer and beyond! Simply bookmark and refer to the Aptera Events page for all the deets on our plans such as Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack, Comic-Con International, Innovation Day at Petco Park, Tesla Takeover, and more. We’ll be sharing more places to see Aptera all summer long! 

    5. Social media content, vlogs, and more 

    For our future Aptera owners outside of California, we’ve got you covered. We’re documenting it all. Expect lots of content across our social channels, vlogs from Team Aptera, and real-time intel on our #SolarSummer. Be sure to follow us on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram if you’re not already where we’ll be taking you along for our solar-powered journey until we can come to you.  

    We couldn’t be more excited for you to experience Aptera in real life. Simply text SOLAR to 1-619-848-0230 to receive alerts from Aptera to stay up to date on all things Aptera, snag yourself a test ride, and get notified when we’re in your hood.