Swift Progress Towards Our Goal

It’s been quite a week! Since announcing the Accelerator Program, we’ve been inspired by the bold action of investors who took the leap to become first movers in solar mobility.  Here are a few of the highlights:  

  • We’ve received $3.01 million from 252 investors, a strong start towards our goal of $20+ million.  
  • Currently in the lead is R.P from Maryland, who has the #1 position for the first Launch Edition Aptera that will roll off our production line.  

And that’s not all… 

Aptera’s identity is about transformation, reinvention, and surprises. With that in mind, we have something special in store for our Accelerators. In recognition of your commitment to the future, all 2,000 members of the Accelerator program will be receiving a special gift: a limited-edition hardcover book about producing the first Apterae, featuring CAD and design images from the development of the vehicle.  Each book will be serialized to match the Accelerator program and will be part of the unique signifiers of the first 2,000 vehicles. 

In addition, investors who contribute over $15,000 will be awarded with a branded Aptera adventure bag, ready to fill up with essential items for their solar-powered journey. $25,000+ investors will receive the adventure bag and branded Aptera Accelerator jackets. As our program grows and more forward-thinking people join the movement, we will announce more items and experiences to the list. What will the top 10 investors get? You’ll have to wait and find out.  

Our dedicated community success team has been working tirelessly and is committed to responding to all your inquiries about the program. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to respond to everyone who has expressed interest. We’ll be publishing a video soon with answers to the most commonly asked questions.  

In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide you with regular updates about the Accelerator program and how it’s advancing our production of the most efficient vehicle on the planet.  

To sunny days ahead, 

The Aptera Team