The Human / Machine Connection: Aptera’s User Interface

An Interview with Brian Gallagher of Andromeda Interfaces, Inc.

Q: You’ve been a part of our mission to create an ultra-efficient vehicle since the first iteration of Aptera. As founder of Andromeda Interfaces and our original interface designer, you quickly jumped back on board to support Aptera when we came back to life. Why?

A: While market acceptance of electric vehicles has come a long way since then, what Aptera is trying to accomplish is still not a focus for major auto manufacturers. Efficiency and taking advantage of solar energy are key areas not being tackled, and that’s what makes Aptera’s timing great.

Q: What work have you been heading up?

A: Our primary goal has been the development of Aptera’s central infotainment display (CID). The CID is the nerve center of Aptera’s user interface and user experience (UI/UX). Not long after work began, we also got heavily involved in the electrical system integration and vehicle networking side of the project.

Q: What were some of your biggest challenges?

A: Human/ machine interface development for a vehicle is not easy. We bridge the gap between what the UI/UX designers can envision and how engineers implement that vision on the actual hardware. To accelerate that process, we’ve partnered with Crank Software to deploy their cross-platform development framework for embedded touchscreens.

Q: What will differentiate Aptera’s user interface?

A: Nearly all electric vehicles have digital interfaces that pretty much look the same, and must meet the industry standard for feature-rich, forward thinking 3D graphics. But how efficiency translates to range is still a mystery for many people without an engineering background. Below, you’ll see the potential for Aptera to empower you to make smarter decisions for yourself and the planet. Aptera’s intelligent interface will emphasize how you can improve and increase your range on the fly while driving.

Q: What’s the future hold for interface design?

A: As we continue on our path with more full self driving capabilities, I believe we’ll see the idea of digital LCD screens in a vehicle becoming obsolete. We’ll see more resources focused on entertainment, more options and new ways of projecting information on the windows to entertain passengers.