Breaking Barriers and Unlocking Opportunities for Aptera Owners

At Aptera, we are committed to revolutionizing the way the world thinks about and experiences mobility. This spans from the way we design our vehicles to the benefits our future Aptera owners receive. We have been hard at work overcoming roadblocks in legislation and advocating for policies that make it easier for everyone to own an Aptera. In this state policy update, we are thrilled to share some recent achievements and shed light on the various state incentives currently available to Aptera owners. 

Prioritizing Safety and Innovation  

Together, we have successfully changed the laws regarding helmet requirements while operating or riding as a passenger in an Aptera. With its Formula One-inspired safety cell, reinforced with cutting-edge Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound (CF-SMC), airbags, and numerous other advanced safety features, wearing a helmet in an enclosed vehicle like Aptera is unnecessary. Thanks to the support and encouragement from residents in Montana and Texas, legislators in both states have recognized the exceptional safety standards of Aptera and have agreed to remove the helmet requirement. 

We embarked on this mission because we understand the urgency of facilitating the adoption of EVs in these states and the ability to move throughout the U.S. without barriers. Our goal is to eliminate as many roadblocks to EV ownership as possible, and the helmet requirement was an ideal opportunity to make a positive impact. Moving forward, we will focus our efforts on addressing the helmet laws in the remaining states of Oklahoma and Rhode Island, as well as Wyoming, where you only need a helmet if you are under 18.  

State Incentives: Unlocking Opportunities for EV Ownership 

In addition to our work breaking down barriers to EV ownership, we are actively exploring ways to increase the accessibility of Aptera ownership. One key aspect is understanding the state incentives available to EV owners. These incentives come in various forms, including rebates, tax credits, parking privileges, and roadway use benefits. However, it’s important to note that the availability of these incentives may vary depending on the county or power provider. 

Charging and infrastructure incentives are prevalent across most states and encompass grants, rebates, and variable power rates for EV charging. States like Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana provide direct grants for EV charger installation. Others, including New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, offer rebates and grants from local power companies, which can vary depending on your location. 

Purchase incentives, such as rebates or tax credits, can significantly reduce the cost of owning an EV. While many state-funded rebate programs have not been renewed for the upcoming fiscal year, several states still offer purchase incentives: 

• California: Offers up to $7,500 rebate on the purchase of a new EV. 
• Colorado: Provides up to $2,000 tax credit for the purchase of an EV. 
• Florida: Residents of Orlando and Kissimmee can receive rebates of $200 and $100, respectively, for EV charger installation. 
• Maine: Offers a range of rebates, including $1,000 for all residents, $3,500 for middle-income residents, and $7,500 for low-income residents. 
• Maryland: Provides an excise tax credit of up to $3,000. 
• Massachusetts: Offers up to a $3,500 purchase rebate.
• Washington: Exempts EV purchases from sales tax. 

While some states, such as New Jersey and Oregon, no longer have funding for rebate programs, others like Connecticut and Illinois require purchasing the vehicle from a state-licensed automotive dealer. It’s important to stay updated on the specific incentives available in your state. 

Roadway incentives grant special privileges to EV owners, further enhancing the benefits of owning an Aptera. For instance, Arizona allows EVs to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes and park in carpool-sharing spaces. New Jersey offers a 10% discount on toll rates for the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, in addition to exempting EV owners from HOV lane restrictions. 

The following states exempt EVs from HOV lane requirements: New Jersey, California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Utah, Virginia, North Carolina, and New York. New Jersey also provides a 10% discount for New Jersey Turnpike use.  

What’s Next: Our Commitment to Aptera Owners   

At Aptera Motors, we are continuously working to explore new opportunities and strategies to remove roadblocks to ownership. While some states don’t yet allow us to establish our own dealerships, we are actively working to partner with authorized dealerships in those regions. Rest assured, regardless of your state, you will have the opportunity to own an Aptera. 

The progress we’ve made and the positive impact we’re creating in the mobility industry is an ongoing effort. While we gear up for production, we will continue to drive positive change into motion at the state and federal levels in parallel.  Stay tuned for more progress updates — you’ll want to hear about what the team is accomplishing as we help shape an exciting future for sustainable transportation. If you want to get involved or have additional questions about owning Aptera in your state, please contact