A Thank You Note to Our Ambassadors

Today and everyday, we are thankful for the support of hundreds of ambassadors.

We are supported by hundreds of ambassadors who are passionate about EVs, solar power, battery technology, engineering, science, technology, communication and more. They lend their expertise and enthusiasm to help us spread the word about Aptera and change the world through transportation. We’ve recently reached a milestone and are proud to announce that we now have over 500 ambassadors who are the driving force behind our mission. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our ambassadors.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Neil Mazer

Neil Mazer is an Aptera reservation holder, investor, and ambassador. As an early electric vehicle enthusiast and the founder and president of the Tesla Owners Club of Riverside County, Neil is working with the Aptera team to establish an Aptera Owner’s Club in Southern California for future Aptera owners. He says he was inspired to become an Aptera ambassador because of Aptera’s “answer to the electrification of the industry, especially the development of the most efficient, lightweight but safe vehicle.” Fun fact: Neil helped Aptera gain amazing coverage in the All Things Future issue of The Wall Street Journal earlier this month! You can read the article here.

Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson is a self-proclaimed generalist with extensive teaching and engineering experience. A passionate advocate for the planet and a participant in the first Earth Day in 1970, Bruce has always been committed to sustainability. In 2000 Bruce started work for Glacier Bay, the company that developed the first ozone-friendly refrigeration system and later submitted the first proposal to the US EPA for a non-global warming refrigeration system under the SNAP program. Bruce says, “The new Aptera design is an exciting approach to solving one of the largest root causes of assault on our atmosphere.” Today, Bruce is helping to further our mission by spreading the word and managing Aptera’s subreddit page, which can be found here. Go check it out and say hey to Bruce while engaging in conversation about a greener, more efficient future!

David Ginty

David Ginty is a lifelong motoring enthusiast and an Aptera ambassador, investor, and reservation holder living in New South Wales, Australia. He joined Aptera’s ambassador program to help bring an entire fleet of Apterae to his country, which he believes is a very suitable place for our long range solar electric vehicle. As an Aptera ambassador, David is a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and hopes to represent Aptera on the Australian Electric Vehicle Council.

David Randle

Dr. David W. Randle is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Blue Community Consortium. As the first ordained environmental minister in the nation, Dave has successfully coordinated a national campaign to preserve water, wildlife, and wilderness areas on behalf of the Pitkin County Commissioners, served as political and environmental advisor to John Denver, and initial program development coordinator for John Denver’s Windstar Foundation. Earlier this month, David represented Aptera at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland where he shared Aptera as a model for reducing carbon emissions. You can find out more about David and his work in sustainability below.

Raj Giandeep

As an Aptera ambassador, reservation holder, and investor, Raj Giandeep uses his passion for Aptera and his technology skills to produce exciting video content for those interested in learning about Aptera’s solar electric vehicle. You can watch his videos and find out more about Aptera on his YouTube channel below. 

Maryjane Gertz

Maryjane Gertz is a teacher at the Mckinley Institute of Technology in Silicon Valley. As a complete solar vehicle fan and advocate, Maryjane uses her superpower of teaching to share facts and figures about Aptera, solar electric vehicles, and other advanced technologies. She says of Aptera, “I am in love with Aptera! It is a solution to a political and climate disaster regarding oil and fuel.”

Allen Guthier

As a technologist, futurist, and entrepreneur, Allen Guthier is passionate about the possibilities that exist at the intersection of business and technology. This passion along with his desire to leave the world a better place for his two daughters, drew him to Aptera. When asked why he wanted to become an Aptera ambassador, he replied, “Seldom does an opportunity arise to change the world and reinvent an entire industry. Aptera, by creating a solar electric vehicle, is showing that it’s possible to take care of the planet and yourself in a hyper-efficient, repairable, incredibly cool driving machine. Aptera will change everything, and I want to be a part of that movement.”

Seldom does an opportunity arise to challenge the world and reinvent an entire industry. Aptera, by creating a solar electric vehicle, is showing that it’s possible to take care of the planet and yourself in a hyper-efficient, repairable, incredibly cool driving machine. Aptera will change everything, and I want to be a part of that movement.

Allen Guither, Aptera Ambassador

Interested in joining Aptera’s ambassador program?

As an ambassador, you will join us and fellow Aptera fans on our exciting journey to do the impossible. There are no specific requirements except for having a passion for Aptera and a little time to dedicate to helping spread the word about our mission. Our ambassadors are:

  • Part of a cherished community passionate about sustainability in transportation
  • Some of the first to drive and experience Aptera firsthand
  • Invited to exclusive events and monthly ambassador webinars
  • Supported in making a difference in transportation

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to ambassador@aptera.us.  


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