Aptera Myths Debunked — Episode 2

It’s no secret that Aptera is different from all other vehicles out there. Even among the other non-traditional vehicles on the market, Aptera stands apart from everyone.

And while there are a lot of preconceived notions out there about the legendary Aptera, we have a lot of fun clearing them up. So we’re back to set the record straight with Episode 2 of Aptera Myths Debunked.

If you missed the last episode, be sure to catch up here. Come on, let’s get started!

Myth #1 —  Aptera can’t go through a drive-thru.

Although Aptera has outboard wheels, you will still be able to go through the drive-thrus of your guiltiest pleasures. You can also take Aptera through a drive-thru ATM without any trouble.

Myth #2 — Your pre-order reservation number is indicative of your place in line for delivery.

Although we aim to deliver our vehicles on a first-come-first-served basis, your estimated delivery date is a range that will depend on your specific configuration choice, reservation date, and where you live in the world. We’re producing our 400-mile range Aptera first, followed by the 250, 600, and then 1,000-mile range Aptera. Additionally, our first deliveries will be shipped close to our home in San Diego, but our ramp from there is aggressive. It’s our goal to begin shipping elsewhere after the first few months of production in 2023. Our Community Success team will reach out to confirm your configuration and delivery date prior to production. 

Myth #3 — You have to be an engineer to change Aptera’s tires.

Because Aptera has in-wheel motors and wheel covers, it is often thought that it will be difficult to change the tires on your Aptera. If you need to change the tires on your Aptera, the process is the same as any other standard vehicle. Our engineers are working hard to ensure that our wheel covers can be removed without unusual tools or special skills in just a few minutes. We look forward to showing you this process when we have a production-ready vehicle.

Myth #4 — You’ll need an extra wide space when parking to ensure entry and exit of Aptera.

Because our doors go up not out, you won’t need to worry about tight parking spaces or garage parking. You should be able to enter and exit Aptera easily by sitting and swiveling in. We’re designing Aptera to fit into your lifestyle, so you have as much freedom to do the things you love with less impact on the planet.

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