Thank You for Being a Part of Our Movement

Dear Aptera Member,

As Thanksgiving approaches and we prepare to progress from our design phase into production, the Aptera team is reflecting on the growth of our movement. In just three years, you’ve helped our community to grow to 37,000+ unique solar revolutionaries, change-makers, and advocates. Whether you reserved Aptera in December 2020 or joined the solar mobility movement today, you are an important part in making solar mobility a reality. So, this Thanksgiving season, we’d like to share what we are most thankful for:

  • Your willingness to invest in the future of our planet
    • In August, we reopened our Reg A+ crowdfunding round and raised over $10M in just a few short weeks. Your commitment to our mission humbles us, and we thank you for accelerating our progress toward our goals. In total, we’ve raised an astounding $60 million from over 15,000 investors through our crowdfunding. We thank you for sharing our vision to change the way the world moves by harnessing the power of the sun. Because of you, we are closer to driving into a greener tomorrow.
  • Your support of making EV charging better for everyone
    • Remember when our founders started a conversation about the need for a greater emphasis on efficiency and accessibility in EV charging infrastructure? Steve and Chris launched a petition urging policymakers to implement Tesla’s connector and plug (now NACS) as the standard for EV charging in the U.S. With your support, the petition continues to gain momentum. It has received over 40,000 signatures and counting. And just four months later, Tesla announced its decision to open its connector design to the world. We are willing to bet the buzz you generated around the petition played a part in this, and we look forward to incorporating NACS in our sEVs. Thank you for challenging the status quo.
  • Your passion
    • In September, we had the pleasure of connecting with reservation holders and ambassadors alike at Aptera HQ and Fully Charged Live. It was an honor to meet and mingle with you around Gamma, and to showcase what we have been able to build with your support. In collaboration with trailblazers like you, we will achieve our higher purpose to transform the world into a more creative, less destructive place.
  • Your advocacy efforts
    • We recently launched our Move Campaign geared at changing the status quo and dismantling the rigged system that currently favors ICE vehicles. Together, we’ve already completed thousands of advocacy actions through the web page so far, and we thank you for your voice and efforts in paving the road to freedom!

What’s next for Aptera?

As we drive solar mobility forward with you, we are continuing to raise the necessary funds to purchase equipment, tooling, and parts to ramp production. We are eager to finalize our production-intent vehicle design and reveal renders of Delta by the end of the year. We would like to be transparent that our delivery timeline depends on many factors, including meeting our funding objectives. Once we do so, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate delivery timeline. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and continued support.

When we launched Aptera just three years ago, we knew we were setting out to do the impossible. We knew that we were bringing an unfamiliar concept to the market. We didn’t expect to create a global movement, unify communities, or receive over 37,000 reservations in a few short years. But we’re so glad we did.

This Thanksgiving season, we are most thankful for you. Together, we are Aptera. We are the future. Imagine what’s next.

Yours in adventure,
Team Aptera