Luna, Dream a Better World

Luna has landed. Introducing the third completed Alpha in our growing fleet of Solar Electric Vehicles (sEV).

Luna was inspired by humankind’s fascination with space travel and technological innovation. In this film, we pose the question: “what about the world we leave behind?” As a company, Aptera gives purpose to those looking to better the planet we live on now — while advancing technology and thinking forward. This video was created with you, and all of our supporters, in mind. It is for the dreamers, the stargazers, the explorers, for those who find other worlds, here — within our own world. 

Luna’s big reveal marks the end of the Alpha phase of development, bringing us one step closer to production — and one step closer to creating the most efficient solar transportation on the planet. We are so thrilled to have reached this moment with your support! 

To read more on Aptera’s latest vehicle design, click through here to a recent Q+A with our vehicle designer, Jason Hill. If you are inspired to become a part of making this change happen, use code LUNA20 at to save $20.  

Together, we can create a greener, more efficient future.


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