Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how to reserve Aptera and what makes our company and technology so different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aptera is in the Beta phase of our vehicle development process, which means we are still running simulations, conducting tests and updating designs in preparation for production. Information on this FAQ is subject to change as we evolve to our final production vehicle.

What is Aptera’s Launch Edition?

Aptera’s Launch Edition is the first vehicle we will begin to produce out of San Diego, California. Read more about its core specifications here. New and existing pre-order reservation holders can reconfigure their vehicles online to the Launch Edition with the click of a button through the Aptera dashboard.

You can access your Aptera member dashboard (or portal) once signed into your account by following this link:

How tall can I be to fit comfortably in Aptera?

We checked ergonomically our seating design to meet the 95th percentile male and 5th percentile female to sit comfortably in the vehicle. We look forward to providing Aptera preorder reservation holders with the opportunity to sit in our production vehicles. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space once you do. 

If I pick up my Aptera from the assembly facility, can I get it sooner?

Accepting delivery at our final assembly facility in San Diego, CA, may allow for earlier delivery, but it is too soon to provide specifics. Our team will contact you to discuss your options that way, you are well informed and can prepare ahead of time. 

When will you begin delivering internationally?

Our goal is to sell Aptera worldwide, though it may take some time to be fully certified. Just like the universal nature of the sun, our movement is for everyone– not just someone. Updates to the timeline, pricing, and delivery details will be announced through your Aptera account page.

We encourage you to reserve your spot in line so that you will be one of the first to experience Aptera in your region. Please stay tuned for announcements through our social media channels; you can also subscribe to our email newsletter at the footer of our website. 

Will the passenger seat accommodate a child seat?

This version of Aptera cannot accommodate a child seat with a seat anchor or standard equipment. Our main focus is getting our two-seater model into production; however, we look forward to expanding seating options in the future to accommodate families.

Will you deliver to Canada? What kind of driver’s license will Aptera require in Canada?

Yes, we will deliver to Canada after U.S. deliveries. The team is collaborating with regulators to comply with the regulations in Canada so that we may begin selling it there after our full-scale ramp to production in the U.S.
Aptera is technically not classified as a car; it’s a motorcycle or autocycle. We are hopeful that it will only require a regular driver’s license to operate our vehicle in Canada, especially as enclosed autocycles become more common. Canada’s road rules are similar to the U.S., so we are confident about localization. We are working hard to show any outlier Canadian province that Aptera’s safety and ease of use should allow its operation without a motorcycle license (Alberta and Ontario, please check your local laws for clarity).
You may wish to take part in our community discussion on Aptera’s online forum— we have many reservation holders in Canada who inform one another of developments, changes in regulations, and initiatives. We are following developments at the government level closely and look forward to having announcements.

How will Aptera be insured? How much will insurance cost?

Aptera is registered and insured as a motorcycle. We are working on partnerships in this area to make it as easy as possible for Aptera drivers to obtain coverage. For companies to quote you, it will take a VIN #— those will become available closer to our production start date! Please stay tuned for more information through our website and email newsletter as this develops.

I have moved locations. How do I update my shipping/delivery address?

If you have moved recently, or have an upcoming move planned, here are the steps to updating your home address:
1. Log in to your account
2. Under “Your Dashboard”, click “Edit Profile”
3. Review the current address on file, and update if needed! Click “Save” after changes are made

Will I be notified to finalize my Aptera preorder before production starts?

Yes! Aptera’s team will contact you closer to delivery time, by email and phone, to confirm your solar electric vehicle’s final configuration and provide you with a clearer estimate of your Aptera’s delivery timing. In the meantime, you can modify your order online once signed into your account. Please be on the lookout for updates on delivery timing through your Aptera dashboard online.
We aim to deliver vehicles as closely as we can to the date by which they were made, though many factors are involved with the start of production and scaling quickly to meet our initial delivery goals.

Will Aptera produce a right-hand drive (RHD) version?

Yes, we will be developing right-hand drive versions for necessary international markets. Our goal is to begin international deliveries in 2024.

What is your production rollout plan? What configuration will you make first?

Our first deliveries will be shipped close to home (San Diego), but our ramp is aggressive. We hope to begin shipping elsewhere after the first few months of production in 2023. Once we know more about regional roll-out plans, you will be notified!

To help us ramp up our production volume more quickly and as part of Aptera’s ethos of simplicity and efficiency, our Launch Edition vehicles will have one unified configuration; the first Apterae we produce will be the 400-mile range version, followed by 250, 600, and 1,000.

How often should I expect to replace the battery pack?

Many cells can fail in our pack design before things need to be replaced, and if replacement is needed, you would only need to replace the pack itself. We expect to offer a 10-year warranty on the high-voltage battery pack. The replacement costs will vary, but they should be far less than any other EV, as our packs are smaller for a given range.

We will have exact answers regarding our battery warranty and repair/replacement cost and plan as we get closer to production time.

Will updating my Aptera’s configuration impact my delivery timeline?

You can make changes to your configuration once logged into your Aptera account until contacted to confirm the final selections closer to the date of purchase and delivery!

We will optimize order delivery and early adopter satisfaction, by announcing that certain configurations will be made first, such as the 400-mile range battery pack. The goal is to deliver vehicles as closely as we can to the order in which they were placed. 

What are my delivery options?

We will contact customers who have preorder reservations for Aptera with more information about shipping options once production is underway. You can find out an estimate of the current timing in your Aptera member portal, along with configuration information for your vehicle.

Can I upgrade my battery pack at a later date?

At this time, we are not planning to have the battery upgradable in segments. Our goal is to build this vehicle modularly to keep the cost low and hopefully help us scale quickly. This could be a possibility in the future!

You may choose to upgrade your battery through the Aptera dashboard prior to the delivery and purchase time once signed into your account.

When will Aptera start delivering preordered vehicles?

The Aptera team has been hard at work in our final development phase, Delta. Our goal is to begin production in late 2023. We are stepping into a 10,000-per-year production plan, which will ramp slowly. This strategic approach keeps the company well-capitalized and decreases the risk of high warranty costs.

Once we meet our funding objectives, we will purchase all equipment, tooling, and parts to begin production to ramp up our launch edition as quickly as possible. At that time, we will be able to provide an accurate delivery timeline for our reservation holders. As more information comes our way on the timing, you will be notified through your online Aptera dashboard, available once signed into your account. Until then, your patience, support, and enthusiasm power our solar mobility mission. We hope you’ll follow us and our progress on our social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It is exciting to share the path to production with you.

What type of vehicles will Aptera offer in the future?

We will focus on aerodynamic, lightweight vehicles with efficient powertrains. And those will likely not look like standard passenger cars. We will expand to more seats and wheels over time, always ensuring our vehicles exceed the highest safety and performance standards.

Is financing available?

We are in the process of selecting financing partners— our goal is to offer market competitive rates, and you are always welcome to find your own financial institution if you have a favorite bank or credit union. Our team will keep all Aptera members up to date with the options available at purchase time! Please look out for updates as we near the start of production.

How much does an Aptera vehicle cost?

Aptera pricing is between $25,900 to $46,000+ depending on range and options. Our goal is to make Aptera accessible for everyone who wants to drive an efficient EV.

How can I make a pre-order reservation for Aptera?

You can reserve your very own Aptera at

Please begin by first logging into your Aptera account. If you do not have an account, please sign up to create an account. If you have questions about reserving an Aptera or need assistance accessing your online account, please email us through our Contact Us page. You can view delivery timing updates through your Aptera account dashboard (click My Account).

Will Aptera be available in Europe?

Our goal is to sell Aptera worldwide everywhere possible. Our first three-wheel vehicle may not meet every global market’s requirement— we have an EU homologation and certification expert working with us to investigate minor model changes and help streamline the process as much as possible to meet the earliest production deliveries. We are still preparing for U.S. deliveries— we hope to begin international deliveries shortly after. Please follow our social media handles @aptera_motors and subscribe to our email newsletter for updates.

We encourage you to reserve your spot and help bring Aptera to your region even sooner. You can reserve your very own Aptera at